Alternatives To Bed Headboards

To decorate a bedroom we find a great repertoire of ideas. From the walls to the textile. However, do not leave out one of the most important parts, the bed headboard. If you do not want to die in the typical forge or wood headboards, and you want to do something a little different to give life to your room, pay attention.

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Today we will teach you different alternatives, and very interesting, from finishes to headboards. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Work heads, a functional solution

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The headboards are functional and beautiful. It is true that they can be a more expensive solution, although there are economic materials such as pladur which can also work well. The interesting thing is that with a head of work the options are several, from which they create shelves to place books and decorative objects, to which also add bedside tables, for example. If you opt for those who create a gap, do not discard the possibility of wallpaper inside to give life to your bedroom.

Cover your dreams with warm wood

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The headboards with wood are fine, but this time we will share an idea that goes a little further: highlight the whole wall with wood. The warmth of this material is unquestionable. When coating or covering a whole wall we are adding an extra touch of that warmth provided by the wood, at the same time that we differentiate it from the rest gaining in aesthetics.

A different head for each night

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Can you imagine being able to change your headboard every day? It's possible. Just use slate paint to cover the entire wall or part of it. The price of this painting is not much greater than that of a common one, and the truth is that it has its point to write a positive message every day or let the children unleash their imagination, do not you think?

A map to travel

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More travelers will enjoy this type of ideas. Yes, it's about creating a map at the head of your bed. The options are many, from vinyl to cork (to mark the places where we have been or want to visit, as we see in the image.) Another option is a brick wall in sight in two colors. Of the decoration of your home.

Headboards with OSB, a fashionable material

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Ecological materials have become fashionable. If the wood seemed interesting to us, the OSB boards will charm us. The first thing to comment, is that it is an economic material. It has a great durability, but in addition, it is an ecological material and, therefore, when using it we are contributing our little gratin of sand to protect the environment.

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There are many options for its use. Of different thicknesses, these boards can be placed easily in the whole wall or in a smaller area to frame our place of rest.

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