A Rustic Provencal Dining Room

On another occasion we talked about the rustic Provencal style. It is a kind of charming decoration, considered as a nice mixture between the classic world and the rustic, yes, with brighter touches. It is a decorative style coming directly from France, from the country houses. If we have ever talked about the Provencal kitchens, today we will focus on the rustic Provencal dining rooms; And is that this type of stays have a special charm that welcomes us warmly.

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 1

In a rustic Provencal dining room we must use a soft chromatic base. Thus, the ideal colors for this type of decoration will be the clear ones like beige, white or even the pink stick. However, to give it a point of color, we can use some other color more up in tone like ochres, yellow or blue, that yes, always without attracting attention, in a very veiled way.

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 2

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 3

Although the walls can use these light colors to be painted, the truth is that combining them with rustic materials such as wood or stone will be an excellent choice. Also, the floors will also use materials such as wood or the tiles of cooked clay. As for the furniture, although they are classic, they also have rustic flavor. They are light, not heavy. With rounded shapes and a feminine touch.

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 4

Wood is used for its manufacture, whether of pine or mahogany. Besides its completion is preferred natural, the tables and natural chairs being a real must have inside a rustic Provencal dining room. However, light-colored finishes such as white are also welcome. Especially if they are pickled and have an old appearance.

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 5

In many Provencal dining rooms, wicker and forge touches are also used. Thus, it is not strange to discover pieces such as rocking chairs, chairs or even auxiliary tables with this type of materials.

A Rustic Provencal Dining Room 6

Finally we will tackle the textile issue that is quite important. And it is that in an environment so clear, so pure, we need certain touches of color that enliven it. Let's opt for the small floral motifs or the pictures. We can use all kinds of textiles, whether they are quilts, cushions, carpets or even tapestries. A Rustic Provencal Dining Room will be great for your dining room decoration.