May 2, 2017

Space can limit a lot when it comes to decorating. However, more ingenious solutions arise from the most difficult situations. So, if your house has a few square meters, we approach an example of how you could take advantage of your scarce meters.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 1

This time we will share a project that has fallen in love with us, not only by the resolution in each one of the dependencies, but also by the chosen materials and the good taste.

We are located in Barcelona, specifically in La Barceloneta. It is right here where the studio "Egue & Seta" took an apartment with a total area of 40 m2 proving that it is not necessary to have a lot of space to do real wonders. It is clear that with those square meters you cannot ask for miracles. But the proposed solutions have ended up convincing us. For example, creating a multifunction central stay, giving it the highest percentage of space. An office kitchen open to a sitting area.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 2

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 3

We can highlight several points in this kitchen, dining room and lounge. To begin with, it has been avoided to place high-closed furniture. Interesting and with good results, because the open shelves make the feeling of lightness greater, thus being able to take advantage of the entire bottom for a more than sufficient storage.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 4

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 5

One of the most interesting things about this work is the lightness of the walls. Yes, they've also been minimized. In addition, glass walls are used, which manage to provide a constant illumination to the house, thus extending the sensation of space.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 6

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 7

In the bedroom, for example, you can see a large glass enclosure. To give privacy, both to this stay and to the bathroom, are added venetian blinds that can be closed at any time.

Also in the bedroom, it is worthwhile to look at the work head, which in addition to giving an absolute protagonism to the bed, offers extra storage space in this stay of the house.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 8

As for the materials, it is worth mentioning that in this reform we have decided to bet on traditional materials and old structural elements. Thus, the ceilings seen are appreciated throughout the house, thus providing greater unification. The same happens with the walls of brick in view, which far from subtracting warmth increases it, giving also a very urban character to the house.

The blue color can be seen in many parts of the house. Another success, as this cold Hue finds a great companion in the wood. Thus, the soils extend throughout the house mixing this noble material with another nod to the origin of the house, the hydraulic floor.

A House of 40 m2 That Will Surprise You 9

In short, a house in which, a priori, does not seem to lack any detail. A sample that space is not always an impediment, and that 40 m2 can be more than enough, with a good distribution, to accommodate a person or a couple in the center of a city.
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