9 ideas for modern laundry room

There are areas and spaces in a home that costs us to make them attractive and integrate them into the decoration. The laundry room could be one of them. Although it is true that there are washers and dryers that integrate perfectly with the environment, with models of the most modern and sophisticated, today we want to share these 9 different ideas for modern laundries.

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There are many alternatives to get a modern and functional laundry. From doors, separation panels or separate rooms. Choose the option that best fits your needs and your reality, and give a spectacular turn to your laundry.

Independent laundry

Let's start with the easy. Those houses that have a separate room to locate the laundry. Undoubtedly a relief. The truth is that not everyone is lucky enough to have a room for the laundry room. However, it is also necessary to use this space carefully. Do not just think about the area to place washer and dryer, go a little further. Laundry furniture is very important. It creates cabinets, high and low, to store the products, besides shelves to be able to place the clothes once ironed.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 2

Small laundry with charm

Any corner is good to create a small laundry. Look at this example. A small independent room that is charming. A hydraulic floor, enough space to place washer and dryer and white on the walls to visually increase the room. The touch of color we found in the door, with that stick rose that we like so much. This is just a small sample of how small laundries can look modern and current with a little ingenuity.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 3

Wallpaper for modern laundries

The wallpaper we love, is a very useful resource to add color to the rooms. Also to laundries. Eye, considering that it is a wet zone is necessary to ask if the paper is suitable for this type of environments. Add the print you like, from the sobriety of the papers with geometric designs to the more exotic, like this, that fit perfectly with the tropical style that is so fashionable. Do you want more ideas for modern laundries? There is more!.

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A laundry room in the hallway

The wide aisles can be used with cabinets, and these cabinets can become at any given time in makeshift laundromats. Use the cabinet space to place your washer and dryer, some shelves and covers the space with a sliding door. In this example a rustic model with a pastel tone is used. But as you know, the rustic is still fashionable.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 5

Low Cost Laundry

This is a low cost alternative to the previous example. If that's what you put a sliding door on you budget, you can always opt for the curtains. In this example we see how the laundry space is perfectly hidden behind a white curtain. A solution that will not cost too much and leaves the washing area completely hidden.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 6

Hidden sinks

It is possible to hide the laundry in a piece of furniture, as we see in this example. In addition, in this case has chosen to place washer and dryer raised, so that access to them is much more comfortable.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 7

Wash basins in bathrooms

A good example of how to integrate lavatories in bathrooms. The washing machine is placed in a space next to the bathtub or shower, taking advantage of the water intakes and without having to do too much work.

9 ideas for modern laundry room 8

Ideas for modern sinks in bathrooms

The larger bathrooms can also integrate the laundry room into a piece of furniture or with doors that conceal the interior. Perfect example of how well a custom cabinet can be, with straight and white doors that give light to the room without any fuss.

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9 ideas for modern laundry room 10

Washing area in the kitchen

It is not necessary to move the washing area away from the kitchen. If it is large and we know how to take advantage of space, it can be integrated without major inconveniences. In this example we see a kitchen with "U" distribution, which leaves the bottom part free to place washer and dryer. A way to include the laundry but delimiting the space.

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How did you find these ideas for modern laundries? If you are looking for more ideas to decorate laundry, we invite you to visit our section of "Laundry / Bathroom Ideas", where you will find everything a little or you can just use our search engine above.

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