9 Ideas For Dressers

Having a dresser at home is certainly the dream of many. However, we tend to think that they are expensive. The truth is that as in everything, we can find dressing rooms with a high price, but we can also look for options a little more low cost.

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In this article we will share 9 ideas that can come in well if you are thinking of incorporating a dressing room into your bedroom. Simple ideas based on shelves, bars and other elements that will make you see how simple it can be to enjoy one of these functional dressing rooms at home.

A classy dressing room

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There are formulas that always work well. You can buy a white chest of drawers, ideal to store any garment, and reserve a small space to place upper and lower shelves and a hanging bar. The white, as we see, is a good color to contrast with the colorful clothes. Also, the small details like the carpet on the floor will bring warmth.

Wallpaper to give joy

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Wallpaper is a resource that we love, in dressing rooms is not the exception. Although you can wallpaper a whole wall, coinciding with the one that does not have storage furniture, lining the bottom of the Dresser modules can also give a differentiating touch. Here, the options are endless, because the fact is that there are many wallpaper models.

Cupboards without front as dressing rooms

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If you have little space, you can always use solutions like this. If you look at it, it is actually a cupboard, or at least the interior of it, to which the doors have been removed. This leaves an interior completely in sight. For more privacy, it has opted to place a curtain, an interesting option to avoid the accumulation of dust.

Ceiling Hanging bars

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Another option for confined spaces is to try not to saturate the lower part of the rooms. It can work very well hanging roof bars. It is aesthetic, and also, it will resist without problems the weight of the hangers, leaving the bottom free, either to store shoes or simply to give more light to the environment.

Rustic solutions that convince

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It may not be suitable for everyone, but the truth is that we love this environment. Its simplicity is undeniable. A simple, medium-thick branch, hanging from the ceiling, with the same system as the previous example. In addition, we see how the set includes a wooden box placed so that its interior space serves to store shoes.

Divisions for shared dressers

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In shared rooms, it is always good to have differentiated spaces to place clothes. In this example we see how the typical hanging bar is used, but placing a dividing element. Two spaces in one so that each member can leave his clothes without a problem.

Copper pipes

Copper is trend. The decoration with lamps or other elements made with this material is trend. Why not incorporate the copper into our dressing room? The pipes, anchored on the roof, can serve as bars to hang, and the truth is that the effect we love.

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Classic Shop Racks

The clothes racks that you see in any textile store can also be placed at home. A low cost dressing room that will allow us a great storage of all our garments.

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Drawers with glass fronts

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Finally, note that, if we opt for drawers, a good option can be looking for drawers with transparent glass front. This way you will always be able to see what is inside without having to open them.

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