8 Original Fireplaces Chimney You Want To Have At Home

The chimneys are elements that help us to heat the stays in the coldest days of the year. But besides, leaving aside its most functional part, these can become the center of the looks of our home. Aesthetic elements that will become the absolute star in the decoration of the salon.

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 1

Then we will share 8 original chimneys that are going to leave you amazed. Different, risky and transgressors. Chimneys that add a decorative plus to each of the rooms in which they are located.
A window to the world

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 2

The radiators, and stoves in general, are usually placed under the windows to avoid the entry of the cold. In this case we see how the window is used as a base to place the impressive chimney. Without a doubt, enjoying the fire at night in this room will be a unique experience, as the large window will allow to see the starry sky as a backdrop.

Fire between Glass

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 3

A model of the most minimalist, ideal for homes with personality. A glass-covered chimney that is located in the middle of the room. Remarkable is also the log storage area, as a kind of mat in which they fit perfectly. Definitely an elegant and different fireplace for the most daring.

Colorful Simplicity

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 4

Not all the original chimneys should be the ones with crazier and unusual designs. This, for example, we love for its aesthetic contribution through color. In an environment where the Greys triumph, framing the chimney in yellow seems to give it an absolute protagonism. The truth is that we can say that the election was a success.

A chimney that flies

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 5

We could rather talk about a chimney that emulates the typical campfires. Those bonfires where people gather around to tell stories of terror. Its round shape invites it, but it also has a suspended smoke extractor that gives it a modern look to the extreme.

The Flames of Hell

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 6

From minimalism we pass to a somewhat baroque chimney. Taking advantage of this element to make a waste of imagination is also welcome. A great face in whose mouth rests the place where the logs burn. It may not be suitable for everyone, but it cannot be denied that attracting attention does, and much. So if that's your goal, maybe you could consider something similar to this.

Fire on the walls

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 7

Little space? Surely you do not want a large chimney that removes space. No doubt this option will convince you. It seems that the fire comes from the bowels of your house. Nothing further from reality. A chimney stuck in a partition that also uses small planks as a doorway. Interesting, isn't it?

A hidden chimney

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 8

Following a little bit to the previous proposal, we found this chimney that also hides behind a false wall. The difference is that, in this case, it has a door that can be closed or opened, leaving it completely hidden.

Water and Fire United

It seems impossible to put the water together with the fire, right? It really is, however, we can play with the superimpositions of the elements how would you like to put a chimney with an aquarium behind it? In the market you will find variety in vinyl and photomurals that emulate the bottom of the sea, for example. This will be a warm and refreshing picture at the same time, no doubt.

8 Original Fireplaces You Want To Have At Home 9

What did you get from the proposals? We hope you will be inspired if you plan to build a chimney or reform your own.

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