7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style

The tropical style has ended up conquering us a lot. It is a kind of fresh decoration, with some exotic touch. A trend that has long been between us and that threatens to stay a long time.

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 1

We bring you 7 different examples of how you can decorate with tropical style, whether it be dining rooms or dining rooms. Choose what you like the most and apply it in your own home.

Plants everywhere

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 2

We can not deny that tropical environments need green. What other element could be better in this case than plants? While it is true that we could use any type of plants, it should be noted that those with the largest leaves tend to appear more exotic. Not that you can not integrate cactus, for example, but a ficus will always be more advisable. You can base the decoration on those floors, making them the most important focus of your living room or dining room, or create secluded corners, as an oasis in these rooms.

Papers with tropical essence

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 4

If there is something we like about this tropical trend are the plethora of wallpapers that have flooded the decor stores. Very exotic and full of life models, ideal for achieving the effect you are looking for. Now, think well at the time of placing them. They are usually very striking, so it may be more advisable to wall paper only. If your living room or dining room are small, bet on the wall in which you have the windows, you will not lose even an iota of light, and therefore, your stay will seem bigger.

Furniture according to style

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 6

Yes, there are furniture that can go better with this type of aesthetics. In the world of chairs, for example, we find models that fit much better. Such is the case of Acapulco chairs, which automatically transport us to a much more tropical location. Another example would be the well-known Pavo Real chair. Get one of them to give a different touch to your dining room.

Color also helps

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 7

Although green must always be present, colorful environments are also typical of tropical decor. Look at this particular case, in which there is no fear of mixing shades of the most striking. That's what it's all about, filling every corner of your house with color and life. An exotic dining room, tropical and vibrant.

Printed Textiles

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 5

You may not be completely convinced by the subject of the wallpapers. You might see them too flashy and scary to use them to decorate your living room or dining room. Do not worry, there are other options. Look at this case in which you have opted for textiles with tropical prints, while the wall has been painted with a velvety green or more bluish. The effect is certainly charming.

Add wood to your tropical prints

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 3

A recurrent option in this of the dining rooms and tropical salons is, in addition to the prints that we have already discussed, to mix elements with wood. You can bet on wood floors or laminates that imitate wood. But in addition, you will also find endless tables, furniture and other auxiliary, that can support you in this.

The rattan as material

7 Lounges And Dining Rooms With Tropical Style 8

Finally, do not forget to include tropical materials par excellence such as rattan or wicker. A ceiling lamp or chair can be the perfect icing on the cake, relying on the elements we have already highlighted, such as tropical textiles or wallpapers.

What do you think the proposals? Would you like to add a tropical touch to your dining room or living room? If so, we would love this article to be useful for you.

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