7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies

You may not have a balcony as big as you want, but as they say, "want is to be able", and if you are lucky enough to have a small balcony, it is just a matter of wanting to turn it into a very special corner. This time we offer 7 ideas for decorating small balconies.

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 1

Enter the proposals that we bring you, you will find from choosing the right furniture to solutions to protect you from the sun, outside and inside the house. Do not miss any, take note and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Take advantage of the walls

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 2

You may not have space to place outdoor furniture, but you sure have walls, and on a balcony, a free wall is a treasure. Build a custom workbench, so that it fits perfectly. The work benches are a great option to rest on your balcony that, in addition, you will be able to complement with all type of textile. Yes, you will not be able to move it, but surely there is some corner without use to which you do not know how to take advantage of it.

A noble floor for your balcony

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 3

One way to take advantage of it and get a more welcoming balcony is to change the floor. It is not necessary that you put yourself in works, there are solutions of remove and put super esthetic. For example, the composite floor. It can be placed on your old pavement, imitates the wood to perfection and is much less delicate than this. You will not have to sand and varnish or any of that. It supports the inclemencies of the time without problems. This material is a true wonder.

Artificial grass to give life to your balcony

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 4

Yes, the lawn can make your balcony a very special place. However, having natural grass is complicated, more so if it is not a garden. Fortunately there are a lot of houses that sell artificial turf with a look of the most real, ideal for decorating small balconies. You avoid having to water it and the uncomfortable and annoying pests. They are all advantages, do not you think?

Custom furniture

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 5

If on your small balcony there is not enough space to place a table and some chairs, do not despair. Again, walls can be your best ally. There are functional furniture that are attached to the wall and hide depending on the use, both tables and chairs. A nice corner for breakfast, which afterwards, will be completely collected.

Textile to decorate small balconies

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 6

No matter how small your balcony is, do not hesitate to fill it with color. It does not work like the interiors. Here, you are outdoors, so the space will not look smaller. However, it is committed to solutions that help expand visually, such as elongated end-to-end carpets.

Plants always come well

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 7

A balcony full of plants is a balcony full of joy. If you do not want to fill your handrails, you can choose to place pots all over the wall. A solution that will bring life and color, but also a decorative plus more than evident. Anything else? Yes, you will be able to lower the temperature during the summer days, an important point if you live in areas of hot summers.

Awnings for small balconies

Placing an awning, even if your balcony is small, will serve to shade that small space, but also to control the interior temperature during the summer; And is that by preventing the light from entering directly, the heat will not increase the indoor temperature.

7 Ideas For Decorating Small Balconies 8

What did you think of the proposals? We hope you have been useful. You can find more balcon decoration ideas in our website.

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