6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be charming and cozy. We did not need big spaces to get a comfortable and nice room. However, the fact is that small bedrooms need some guidelines to take advantage of space, because when we limit ourselves to some dimensions, we must try to save space and opt for colors that will not make the room worse.

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The first thing we should see is the light in the room. This detail will allow us to play more or less with the colors. If the room has a large window with powerful natural light, we will have more options when painting our walls. We can thus, even if small, let a wall paint with a stronger, dominant color, or painted with some floral motif, for example. However, if the room does not have too much light, we advise that the walls are uniform and light colored. Obviously white is the best option, although we can also opt for a bone color, for example.

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms 2

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms 3

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms 4

As for the furniture, if there is an essential in the bedroom is the bed. This element must be present yes or yes. So we can opt for beds with canap├ęs. These structures have a space under the mattress in which we can put sheets, blankets and so on. Without a doubt an extra space that will help us in the organization of the bedroom.

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms 5

If the room is extremely small, we can opt for a sofa bed. It is an extreme solution but the truth is that there are quite comfortable sofas.

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The bedside tables are not absolutely necessary, but obviously they are a comfort. We can opt for small models without problem, because in the market there is great variety. If we want and we have space to place a closet, the ideal is to make it to measure; And is that the use of space will not be the same if we opt for a closet already made.

6 Tips For Decorating Small Bedrooms 7

Finally, from the decorative point of view, we will try not to load the walls with pictures or other objects. Although the truth is that mirrors have always been successful, as they make the rooms larger, if only for an optical effect.

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