6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms

The arrival of a new family member at home is always a cause for joy. But also, it is time to get to work and create a beautiful environment in which the baby can start to grow. We offer you 6 ideas for original and unique baby dorms.

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 1

The options are many, from thematic environments to children's rooms with exotic touches. Salt of the blue and the pink and venture in this of the colors for infantile bedrooms unisex. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy all these ideas.

Baby bedrooms with tropical touches

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 2

The first option uses the wicker in both the main furniture and the accessories. A cradle of the most adorable and a simple chair with a somewhat tropical design. Color helps the exotic environment. and is that mint, mixed with white, brings us a little closer to those tropical environments that are so fashionable. In addition, other colors are also included (yellow, pink or red) in the textiles, leaving the upper part of the stay blank to not saturate.

More wicker, but with a certain vintage touch

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 3

We continue with this material that we love to decorate baby bedrooms. That if, this time we can see that the stay takes a little more vintage style. They help to it elements like the comfortable retro or the size in the wall, that divides the white and the mint, on this occasion invested. Special mention deserves the decorative garland with stars that gives dynamism to the ensemble. Also with the textile of the cradle, more risky in the prints than in the previous case.

Simplicity in the furniture for baby bedrooms

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 4

A very interesting option is to choose more neutral furniture and give everything on the walls. In this example we can see how the cradle passes without sorrow or glory, integrating with its gray tones in the wall of the background. This room chooses to create a beautiful landscape on the front wall, with Grey mountains, a large yellow sun and a beautiful mobile plane flying over the sky. The grey and yellow are two very used colors, both in the Nordic decor and in the decoration for unisex rooms.

Seventies taste in the baby's room

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 5

We love this example, blend of a Nordic decor with the best lines of some furniture type 70s. The Dresser and the nursing chair could be removed from any house of the Seventies, but also the cradle, with a pine wood of the warmest. The color, again, pulls more for the unisex shades like green or gray, with a certain dose of white and even small brushstrokes of black. A very balanced and dynamic color composition.

Iron and wallpaper for a romantic room

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 6

That wrought iron is a very used element in romantic environments is not new. In this children's bedroom you opt for this little touch, yes, in white; and is that the paper picked on the wall is already striking enough to fill the room. The mustard in the textile is perhaps the most refreshing point that also combines perfectly with the wood of the soil.

What if two come?

Excellent example of a baby bedroom for two. On this occasion we can see how the use of color always works. A wall with a thousand-colored polka dots and a white base to be able to remove drama. Perhaps this white is the one that later allows to use a blue so alive in the cradles. Or the red of the curtains. Definitely a shared dorm with a certain circus air that falls in love.

6 Original and Different Baby Bedrooms 7

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