5 tips to gain space at home

If you are the one who has to deal with a small house, do not worry, many are in that situation. Fortunately today there is furniture that can be adapted to almost any space, functional and beautiful at the same time. In addition, there are some tips that we can put into practice to make our house look bigger.

5 tips to gain space at home 1

One of the most well-known and used tricks is the combination of rooms. If we have the option of having a small kitchen and a small dining room why not put them together and have a large dining kitchen? At the time of throwing partitions all are advantages; And is that we can also opt for other types of solutions that we have already talked about a long time ago, such as integrated bathrooms in the bedroom.

5 tips to gain space at home 2

5 tips to gain space at home 3

Try to keep the proportions. If our rooms are small, do not insist on placing furniture too large. You'd better put a 3-seater sofa instead of that big chaise longue couch you've seen.

5 tips to gain space at home 4

Another excellent tip is to try to cover the entire floor with the same pavement. This is because cuts on surfaces cause the spaces to appear smaller, while continuous surfaces increase the feeling of amplitude. We can opt for a synthetic wood floor, quite recommendable and completely suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

5 tips to gain space at home 5

As far as possible avoid the hallway. If you are renovating your house and you have started from scratch, try not to have a corridor, it is necessary to distribute the rooms, yes, but lengthening it can waste a lot of meters. Square dealers and short or non-existent aisles are much better.

5 tips to gain space at home 6

Finally, one of the best tips we can give you in terms of space are custom-made furniture; And is that few furniture are able to adapt to space as well as these. It is the best way to get a room with functional furniture and adapted to the measurements.