5 Shared Children's Bedrooms

Surely we would all like to have a bedroom for each child but the reality is that, in many cases, we are forced to make them share the same room, which implies a challenge when it comes to decorating. For those who are going through this we will share 5 beautiful shared dorms that we have loved.

5 Shared Children's Bedrooms 1

In this article, we will share about these points of decoration :
Shared bedroom ideas for small rooms
Shared bedroom ideas for brothers
Shared bedroom ideas for adults
Shared bedroom ideas for brother and sister
Shared bedroom ideas for sisters
Small bedroom for two sisters
How to divide the bedroom into two rooms
How to fit two twin beds in a small room

We loved the idea of ​​placing a corner unit basically fulfilling two functions: a bedside table and a headboard for the two beds, thus saving enough space. Another way to save space in this case is the storage space under each bed where they have placed white baskets, in keeping with all the furniture. The color notes are given mainly by textiles.

5 Shared Children's Bedrooms 2

There are cases where we must find a way to fit a bedroom for three brothers. For these cases we find this excellent option: three equal beds, one next to the other, with the detail of the initials of the name of each one above the headboard. As in the previous case, take advantage of the space under the bed to store in wicker baskets painted white. The beautiful duvets, sheets and covers are in tune with the color of the wall. We must not fail to mention the detail of the trunks at the foot of two of the beds!

5 Shared Children's Bedrooms 3

The next, unlike the previous ones, is more typical of a country house. Two beds arranged side by side, sharing a bedside table with a lamp that, along with the alarm clock and pennants as a headboard, give a true vintage touch to this warm shared dormitory typical of a country house, with that Window on the roof inviting you to look at the stars.

5 Shared Children's Bedrooms 4

If it is a small bedroom or you prefer to take advantage of space for children to have a play area, one of the most common solutions are bunk beds. In this case, unlike normal in this type of beds, these are lower, ideal for small children. This room could be ideal for two boys, the bedding and the carpet match the wallpaper on the walls.

5 Shared Children's Bedrooms 5

And lastly, we share another case where low-bed bunk beds have been used. The particular thing about this bedroom is the use of neutral colors, something increasingly seen in children's decoration. As in the two previous quarters, we can see pennants that go from one wall to the other.

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