5 Ideas For Headboards

Customizing a bedroom can be done in many ways. From choosing a good bed linen to painting the walls. However, there are elements that create surroundings by themselves, without too much effort. Elements such as bed headboards.

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In this article we will give you some interesting ideas so that you can change the headboard of your bed by betting on something different and fun. Wallpapers, wood or furniture. Do not miss any of the proposals we have for you.
Vinyl Headers

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A simple, different and economical way to change the head of your bed is to bet on the decorative vinyl. You have many options. There are all kinds, from which they print motivational phrases on your walls or those that draw the silhouette of an antique bedhead. Choose models with color, to give a fun touch to the room. When placing them, remember that the wall must be completely clean, without any dust or debris from any substance. In addition, it is preferable that the wall is smooth, that does not have finishes like the gotelĂ©, because this type of surfaces makes difficult and even impossible to place vinyl of pared. 

Cabeceros of wood

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With the arrival of the DIY world, bed headboards have been favored with various materials, such as wood. Finding wood in the form of pallets or pallets is not always easy, but fortunately, large DIY surfaces have wooden slats ready to create a nice head. Varnish it or leave it natural for a more rustic look. Also, if you get that good of the brushes, you can try to make a different model based on color.


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It is true that they are not the cheapest, but you also have to think about the functionality that they offer us. The work heads integrate perfectly with the environment, and can also give us the option of integrating the bedside tables or creating a top or side shelf to place our favorite books. In addition, you can coat this head with the material you like, from wood to bricks.

Wallpaper to give joy

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Wallpaper is still a very interesting resource. It is possible to paint the wall of the head of the bed, yes, but the wallpapers have varied motives that, with painting, it would be much more complicated to recreate them. In addition, they can be the ideal complement for other parts, such as fabric heads or forging. Choose dark models for the most bright and clear rooms for those who want them to look a little more romantic.

Imagine and create

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The truth is that, in this of the headboards, the imagination has much to say. Any object that you can think of could be a nice bed head, a carpet? Yes, it can be as spectacular as the one shown in the picture. There are those who prefer to bet on collages with photographs, with pictures or even pictures. While there are those who prefer materials from yesterday and today that give a warm touch to the bedrooms, such as the wicker.

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What do you think of the proposals? If you are thinking of renovating your bedroom do not miss these alternatives.