5 Charming Breakfast Nooks

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and one of the most important of our day. In addition, we must not forget that breakfast is one of the first actions we do during our day, for this reason breakfast in a pleasant environment is very important.

5 Charming Breakfast Nooks 1

If we look for warmth we can opt for these types of corners in which seats are created in the form of benches on the wall. Tables that usually take advantage of the corners and that also admits other chairs of reinforcement.

5 Charming Breakfast Nooks 2

As we noted in the photo, we opted for yellow colors, a very nice color that will get us strong in the morning. In addition, it mixes with greenish tones and white, which will fill with light this time of day.

5 Charming Breakfast Nooks 3

Our second option is much more classic as far as tones are concerned. The space is smaller, for this reason has opted for light colors, without too many contrasts. We see that it continues using the type of corner table with benches, something that helps us to take advantage of the space considerably. In addition, this time they have a window, a luck, as there is nothing more beautiful than having breakfast with views. Our third option is a mixture of the first two. We see windows, something that gives us light. In addition, this light is attached to the unpolluted white of the walls, something that makes the space much greater.

5 Charming Breakfast Nooks 4

It is opted in this occasion by the color, basically by the blue one with yellow touches. However it is used subtly, not to recharge the environment. If we want to opt for a much more traditional corner with country air, we can opt for a textile that covers both windows and cushions. A particular detail in this corner for breakfast is the use of methacrylate chairs, which at no time conceal the rest of the set, thus giving priority to the textile.

5 Charming Breakfast Nooks 5

Finally we bring you a corner of the country. On this occasion we opted for a round table, those that are already charming first. In addition, the pink color of its legs and white of its superior part contrasts with the blue of the kitchen. The windows of infarction allow us a view that is more than desirable, thus avoiding walls that adorn.

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