4 Options To Place Floors Without Work

The eternal dilemma when it comes to renovating our home is whether to get in the way or not. There are certain items in which it seems impossible not to do, such as with the floor. However, technology and advances in decoration and building materials make it increasingly easy. Yes, there are options for floors without work, you read well!

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In this article we show you some of the most interesting alternatives, those that can come very well if you are thinking of changing the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or the whole house completely.


4 Options To Place Floors Without Work 2

4 Options To Place Floors Without Work 3

No doubt they are the great winners. The majority of reforms without work bet on this type of material. It should be noted that its main feature, that which makes it such an attractive material, is that it is an imitation of the most realistic of the natural wood floors. They have a plethora of colors and finishes, but they have much more resistance to wear and impact than natural wood. This is due to its manufacture of resin fiber and pressed wood.

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The floor must be completely level. In addition, it is interesting to find out about all the formats and designs of different parts. As for its use in wet areas like kitchen and bathrooms, you must bet for laminates that are totally waterproof.

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring

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These are also gaining ground in this of reforms without work. They are durable, water resistant and also suitable for underfloor heating. They cleaned easily with water and are great for the whole house. As far as its manufacture, it is necessary to say that the vinyl floor has a printed layer of finish, something that will offer us an endless number of designs, from those that imitate the wood to those that simulate other materials such as steel, cement or even marble .

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As in the previous case, the most important thing is to have a level ground, without needing to remove the previous floor, of course. The floor incorporates an adhesive on its underside that sticks easily adapting easily to difficult corners.

Continuous flooring: the resin

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Resin floors are used on those occasions when you want to do without joints. The resin floors have a one-piece finish, something that allows uniformity throughout the house. It is achieved by pouring a mixture of epoxy resin with crushed marble, colored crystals or arid colored silica. It is not necessary to remove the previous soil and as a result you will have a highly resistant soil. Now, in this case it is better to have a professional, because it is imperative to know the product well for a perfect finish.

Continuous soils: microcement

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Similar in strength and finish to resin, since microcement does not have joints either. This type of soil is composed of cement mixed with polymers and colored pigments. It can cover any previous surface and also offers a wide variety of textures and finishes. In its placement, which is similar to the resin, will also have to pour the mixture and let it dry, so it is also important to always talk to a professional or someone skilled in the art.

What do you think the proposals? Did you know about the existence of these materials? If you found interesting we invite you to share the article in your social networks, maybe your friends or followers are interested too.

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