10 charming baby bedrooms

When decorating a baby's room it is not necessary to fall into the typical, pink room for girl or blue room for child. The truth is that they are rooms that can give much life to the home, and today we are going to show you a series of lovely baby bedrooms.

10 charming baby bedrooms 1

Surely you had never thought of painting a baby bedroom in black. The truth is that the combination of this color with a myriad of shades can be great. As you can see, the rest of the room is decorated with a rainbow of colors, something that brings dynamism. It is a fun and very personal room. Opting for vinyls, even for decorative wall paintings is an excellent choice. We love this baby bedroom in which a clear earth tone has been employed for the walls and floor and has been contrasted with the white of the furniture and decorative tree on the wall. In addition, details have also been included in turquoise, a color that contrasts sharply with the other two.

10 charming baby bedrooms 2

10 charming baby bedrooms 3

Purple looks like an ideal choice for a baby bedroom. If we do not want to exaggerate, we can always combine it with whites or even with more daring colors such as pistachio green or blue. The result will be a bedroom full of light and really cozy.

10 charming baby bedrooms 4

Let's not forget that choosing a bedroom with large windows will provide plenty of light and will make it possible to play a little more with the color and furniture. The more light the more visual amplitude and less crowding.

10 charming baby bedrooms 5

The mobiles above the cradle are stimulating elements that will make our little one discover new colors and shapes. Why not make a mobile phone with a dim lighting based on colored wicker lamps?

10 charming baby bedrooms 6

10 charming baby bedrooms 7

10 charming baby bedrooms 8

In the following three examples we have vinyl trees glued to the wall. Each one with a very different style. The first is much more informal and childish, with little owls adorning the branches of the colorful tree. The second, much more elegant and with certain oriental touches. Also, the last more than a vinyl resembles a collage, made with different fabrics or prints and finishes.

10 charming baby bedrooms 9

We love this room in which they have taken colors and have been shaped on the wall as if it were a color palette. We find different green and blue contrasting very much with the white of the cradle and support with the colors of the curtain and the paper lamps.

10 charming baby bedrooms 10

We finally found a classic room but also very nice. A typical children's bedroom in blue with a children's valance in the middle of the wall. The truth is that although it is still classic, it seems a delight. We hope that at least one of these 10 charming baby bedrooms will inspire those who are about to decorate one. You can try to visit others baby bedrooms ideas too on link below :

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