Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Generally the bathrooms never have all the storage space that we would like. The truth is that there are times when storing all of our toiletries can be a complicated task. It's probably time to tackle this topic, the storage space for bathrooms. So we approach a few solutions that can come in well.

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Fortunately there are solutions for all tastes and pockets. We can find from open shelves to furniture that takes advantage of every inch of the bathroom, whether large or small.

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Auxiliary columns

Auxiliary columns are usually a good source of storage for bathrooms. There are many measures, and the best of all is that they conform to the models of the washbasin furniture, as they are usually included in all the series. You have corner columns, hanging columns or columns with legs. Look closely at the dimensions of your bathroom, if it is very small maybe the corners or those that leave the lower free space are the best option.

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Small Bath Carts

The waitresses for kitchen find a small brother in these bath carts. They are functional and adapt to any corner. You can find them in different materials, such as metal or wood, which are always more elegant and warm. In addition, there are also different alternatives as far as storage for bathrooms is concerned, for example with one, two or three drawers. If you are interested there are also wheels, something that makes them even more functional.

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Storage for bathrooms with open shelves

The air shelves have been introduced everywhere. Functional and eye-catching. We see them in halls, hallways and also in kitchens. Then why not in bathrooms? You can place shelves in the shower part so you can store your soaps and hair products. Also by the sink or, if you prefer, at the top of the wall, to store towels and other toiletries.

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Furniture for the bathroom

The work furniture has an advantage, the measures are determined by oneself. We could say that these are the best alternative to get storage space for bathrooms. While the prefabricated furniture already has standard measures, when making a work shelving, we manage to adapt it without problem not only to the exact measures, but also to the obstacles like for example columns or difficult corners. In terms of materials, plasterboard or durlock gives very good results and does not come out too expensive. Now, consider first how you want it, number of shelves and the gap between each other, to be able to place your objects without last-minute surprises.

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Baskets that decorate and hide

What about the stylistic part? An excellent idea is to use wicker baskets. You can place them under the washbasin unit, if suspended, or even find small baskets to place in shelves or shelves. If you like wood more, there are also boxes with this material that can be adapted to those gaps, often wasted, providing a little warmth to the entire stay.

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