Double Function Rooms

Although many of us would like to live in huge houses, the reality is that, in most cases, there is less space than we wanted. Ingenious ideas must come out to be able to take advantage of every nook and cranny. Today we focus on the double function halls. Stays that are sometimes forced to share space with kitchens, studios or even dorms.

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In today's article we will show you some ideas that can inspire you for these cases; and is that not always lack of space necessarily has to be a problem.
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One bedroom in the living room

The world of decoration has taught us that many times the key is in the simplest solutions. A living room that has to share space with a bedroom can be the perfect example for this. Options you have many. You may have enough square footage to create a visual separation with curtains, a half-height partition or even sliding doors. For those who do not want to mix, there are also beds that are hidden in furniture or the legendary sofa bed.

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The workplace also in the living room

This option is simpler to apply for a double function room; And the desks don't need too much space. You can place them in any corner of your living room, even between columns or in that weird corner that you do not get to take advantage of. If you want to give it a different touch, take advantage of the space to lift a nice plasterboard, it will fit the meters you have and give you extra storage in your office open to the living room.

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Kitchens and lounges together

It is not new, the concept of open kitchen every day is seen in more in the current homes. In these cases, it is good to create a conductive thread, not to break too much and make the whole be integrated. However, visual dispositions are always well received in a double function room. There are ways to do it subtly, for example, with a kitchen island or a nice glass enclosure that divides the part of the living room from which it is cooked.

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Double-function double-height lounges

It's not common, but you might count on the advantage of high ceilings. Advantage. This advantage allows you to create a stay at the top, clearing your living room even more. In this space you can place from the bedroom, well separated from the daytime area, or even a small living room, office or library. Everything will depend on the actual height with which you count and the budget to build a platform and a staircase that, in this case, it is essential that it is well reviewed by a professional.

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Spaces that serve for everything

And what happens when everything has to be in the same environment? It's all right, there are solutions, too. The kitchen and lounge can be joined without any problem, while you can visually separate the bedroom with some of the previous ideas, whether with curtains, glass walls or a small elevation in the ground that evidence that we are in different areas of the house.

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What did you get from the proposals? We hope you will be inspired when decorating double function halls. If you liked the article, we would love to share it in your social networks, maybe your friends or followers are interested.