7 Ideas for Decorating Receivers

It is not the stay of the house where we usually look. The receiver can be one of those spaces that we sometimes put aside. We recommend that you do not fall into that error, because it is the beginning of the journey of your home. The beginning of all the decoration of your house. The presentation card to the visitors. For that reason, it is good to take care of your looks.

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How to do it? We will put it easy with these 7 ideas to decorate your receiver. Practical and simple ideas ranging from good lighting to decorative touches such as laying clearings and rugs.

Unifies and gives light
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You may have a dark receiver, of those that do not have windows or any natural light sources. There are solutions. In addition to the artificial lighting, if your receiver is near large spaces such as the living room you can always throw away the partition that separates them. Eye, if you do not want, it is not necessary to unify it completely. Placing a glass wall or a shelf that allows you to pass the light with ample holes will be more than enough.

Watch the floor
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The soils can be cold, especially if we have old coatings. Even the wood, warm to the extreme, can be somewhat cold in the hallways. An excellent solution to receive your visits is to place rugs. There are many options. Place a large round rug, if your hallway is square or a rectangular rug if it is an elongated receiver that joins the aisle. You can also put several, leaving a space of about 30 or 50 cm connecting it with the corridor.

Create a lovely Corner

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The best way to receive the visits is to create a corner with a lot of charm. Even if it is a small hallway, a piece of furniture will always be welcome. A console with little background, with about 30 cm, for example, is more than enough. In it you will be able to place, from a bowl for the keys to a lamp that of warm light at any time of the day.

Decorate with Mirrors

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Mirrors help to visually broaden spaces, and in a hallway, which is usually small, is never more. Place it on top of the console or cabinet or take advantage of a full wall to create a large panel. This mirror will create a visually wide space that makes you win a few meters, even if it is only a decorative trompe.

Renew the painting of your receiver
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The painting of your receiver is also an opportunity to give you a new air and make the most of it. White will achieve the widest space, as this color allows a better circulation of natural light. However, you may be interested in creating depth games with a single painted wall with a more powerful color.

Also with wallpaper
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Yes, the wallpaper is also a practical idea that I could help you to give a different touch to this stay. There are tastes for everything, but perhaps the best way to use this tool is reservándola for a wall and giving it all the prominence.

Give it a natural touch with flowers and plants
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Finally, we encourage you to place fresh plants and flowers to decorate your hallway. There is nothing more pleasant than entering a house and seeing a nice vase with flowers or a leafy plant that welcomes us.

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In the case of flowers a glass vase will be the perfect complement. As for the plants, take a good look at the conditions to keep it healthy, both with the light and the water they need.

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