5 Tips for Ordering Cabinets

How many times have we seen images of cabinets on the internet and have thought it impossible to have it so neat? We do have a lot of clothes, the truth is that, as a rule, it is not so easy to order. Today we offer you some simple ideas that can help you. Solutions that will make your wardrobe or dressing room a decorating magazine. That's what the article is about today. We'll show you some tricks to order.
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Take care of the space, bet on accessories and complements and always separate winter clothes from the summer to "oxygenate" your closet or dressing room. Follow these tips to order cabinets and everything will be much simpler.
Divide the space to order

It is not only important to separate the winter clothes from the summer, it is also necessary to make a separation by garments. Keep in mind that each has a different length, in addition to different dimensions and shapes. Create two spaces, one to hang long clothes and another to place shorter clothes. Also, don't forget to incorporate pedestals or shelves to fold garments like T-shirts.

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Shallow cupboard Solution

Shallow cabinets can be a problem when we have many garments. Fortunately, there are solutions. Extendable hangers, for example, will make your life easier. Use to hang pants. They are accessories that are attached to the sides of your wardrobe and are operated by guides. Once picked up, you won't know they're here.

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Drawers with Shoemaker

Footwear is also usually one of those elements that occupies a lot of space. If you don't want to have them messed up out there, but you don't want to keep boxes and shoeboxes in your closet, the solution is simple, a shoemaker. There are independents, which as a main advantage help you to save space in the closet. However, if it is a small bedroom, and you have to integrate it yes or Yes in the dressing room or closet, do not worry, there are also accessories for drawers. They are bars that adapt to the sole of the shoe, so besides having them all organized to perfection, you will also save time when choosing which to wear.

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Ordering Tips: Drawer separators

There are hard items to store without being cluttered, such as handkerchiefs, underwear or bathing or even belts and jewellery. Fortunately, the drawers can provide a little order with elements as practical as the separators. You have a lot of materials, from fabric, through wood or even plastic. Depending on what you plan to keep in those drawers, choose some separators or others, because there are some that delimit more space than others.

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Marie Kondo Method

Marie Kondo is a Japanese author and organization consultant. He has written about the organization and order at home, at the general level. Without going deep into your advice, although we recommend your reading, we can look at the part where you talk about the cabinets. One of the tricks to order that most interested us.

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Marie Kondo says that, if instead of folding the clothes we roll and organize it vertically, we will gain space and have everything much more by hand. A more harmonious order that will benefit us in all aspects.