5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms

Customizing a bedroom can be very easy, much more than you think. You just need a little imagination and time. Now, if you want inspiration, we propose a series of crafts that you can do yourself, with few materials and a result of the most charming. You'll see you can get personalized dorms with little money.

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 1

The possibilities are very varied. From personalized headboards to bedside tables or even fun ways to expose your memories. Choose the one you like and get ready to give a unique touch to your room.

A different head and with light

The LED light strips are very practical and functional elements to get customized dorms. Not only do they get an ambient light for this stay, they are also able to provide decorative value to it. You can take an LED strip and cover your bed head. It's that simple. A nice garland with paper balls or other material, in white or with colors. But, in addition, the simplest led strips can also be placed so that they create nice silhouettes in your bed. No head puts a strip shaped like a house, for example

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 2

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 3
Personalization in the bed

We love the personalization elements in the shared dorms. Letters that distinguish very well the place in which each member of the couple sleeps. Large letters can be placed on top of the head of the bed, but you can also make framed sheets to put them on the wall. Also, if you prefer to bet on the textile, you can paint your cushions with special paint.

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5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 5
DIY bedside tables for personalized bedrooms

In the world of DIY bedside tables there are endless options. We stay with the hanging tables, with wooden bases. They are light, warm and provide that rustic touch that we like so much. Try to make the plank not too heavy and don't forget to hook it to the rope. It also monitors that it is well anchored to the wall. A good breakfast in bed? Your wooden hanging table will be ideal for Sunday mornings.

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 7
5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 6

Make a DIY jeweler

DIY Bedroom Jewelers are also one of those crafts that abound on the net. We can highlight the simple jeweler with wood, this time a log. As in the previous case, it is about hanging that trunk on the wall and adding your accessories to its base. You have another simpler version, make yourself with a series of dry branches, put them in a vase (making sure they are fixed) and hang your necklaces and accessories there.

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5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 9

A corner for your photos

To finish, a classic among the classics. A corner where you can hang your memories in pictures. The logs, again can help us, as we can see in the following image. However, it deserves a special mention the composition of photographs and led strips, which in addition to personalising the bedroom will give you a special light.

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 10

5 DIY Ideas for Customized Dorms 11

Some even dare to put this composition of photographs and lights on the head of the bed; And in the end, all these ideas are very good, but they can always be adapted to each particular case.