The Secrets of The Chalk Painting

Matt in appearance, with a vintage air. Chalk or chalky finish painting falls, and the truth is that it doesn't surprise us. Few paintings offer a finish so perfect and lovely. Would you like to know a little more about her? Learn some things you can do and how. In this article we will give you the keys to understand how this painting. And then tell us what you think.

The Secrets of The Chalk Painting 1

What is the chalk painting?

It is an acrylic paint that contains gypsum. Its greatest advantage is the power of mating and dried. Also apply without primer or sanding on most materials, something that no doubt makes a lot things. Your name, also given you for the simple reason of that once painted parts, you can write about them as if they were a slate. Interesting isn't it? No doubt an option more attractive to renew those furniture that are passé or simply to give a different touch.

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The Secrets of The Chalk Painting 3
What can I paint with chalk paint?

The truth is that almost everything. The versatility in its application is immense. You can paint metal, ceramic, stone, plaster and wood. It is clear that the majority of applications has to do with furniture, but not descartes give a different touch to the lamp foot so old fashioned, chalky finish will achieve that you shine back into your living room. In addition, you can also apply this paint chalk on surfaces such as melanin, glass or plastic. Best of all? Without doubt your finished mate with a touch of it more velvety.

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How to use chalk paintings?

Its use could not be easier. The only important thing here is to have a clean surface to paint. Therefore, use water and SOAP thoroughly. Clean and dry to remove dust and grease. After this, the surface will be list to be able to use the chalky finish, already is with brush or roller. Drying takes no more than 15 minutes and is recommended to give a second coat to make the effect even more velvety.

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Get a vintage effect

As we mentioned, it's a perfect painting to create vintage-style furniture. For "aging" parts, we will just have to abrade the surface by some areas, so that you can see the original color. A very interesting resource is to paint the white part and then apply over one color, then, when worn, the hue that will be low this will be.

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Textile with chalk paint

Yes, believe it or not, this type of paint can be applied without any problems in textile. It is certainly a very economical resource to change the appearance of that old sofa or armchair that already doesn't fit much with your dining room decor. In this case, it is important to know that after applying the paint to the chalk it will be necessary to also give a coating with a protective wax, which will be in charge of maintaining intact color.

The Secrets of The Chalk Painting 10

Now that you know a little more about this type of paintings, do you think? Do you'd have it in mind to redecorate any area of the House?

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