How To Properly Illuminate Salon

Sometimes we look more at specific issues of decoration, such as the color of the curtains or the type of furniture, and leave aside aspects as important as the whole, as in the case of the lighting. Stays as the salon, leave this side item can be a blunder, because a bad lighting will make the stay less welcoming. On this occasion you bring some tips that you should take into account if you want your living room is properly lit, both day and night.

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Natural light power

Natural light is essential. We refer to the light that enters by our windows, that that will get that it stay is see much more cozy during the day, in addition to more wide. Yes, natural light gets smaller spaces seem a bit larger. In addition, the more natural light we have, less electricity we will spend during the day. At this point, the ideal is to bet on windows the largest possible, allowing the light to pass through much trouble- free. In addition, commitment to clear and neutral colors on the walls, as this be achieved promote it. Finally, an interesting advice, attempts to not be furnishing and others close to windows, light will flow a lot better.

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A general right light

It is clear that we will not have light all day. It is there where the need for artificial light, in other words, lamps and other lighting products. General light aims to allow to be seen in the entire stay, therefore, must study it well. If your living room is small, there is no much problem, a single point of light with enough power will suffice. However, if your living room is large, you might need to think about the points of light by area. Another option is to place mobile and airships appliques that can focus in different directions so that they reach all the space in the middle of the room.

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Downlight or pendant lamps

Matter of taste. It is true that a recessed light is much more subtle. Built-in placement makes ceilings are presented more clear and free, and this, during the day, maybe help the circulation of light. However, hanging lamps provide unquestionable aesthetic value. They can be considered as decorative elements and, therefore, you'll find plenty of models to complement the style of your living room.

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For a light floor lamps

The ambient lighting is very interesting at certain points in the show. Keep in mind that general light, sometimes, can be too much. If you are looking for an effect more warm and cozy at specific times, such as when friends are and the idea is to sit down and chat on the couch, you perhaps more interesting to add to the set elements such as foot lamps. They can be placed near the sofa and many of them are equipped with dimmer.

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Direct lighting for specific activities

In this case there is talk of light which we will need in specific activities, such as reading. Direct lighting intended to give intensity to certain areas in an isolated manner. Thus, this corner where you sit to enjoy a good book can be perfectly lit with a table or floor lamp.

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Also, this direct light can also serve you to give prominence to certain elements of your living room, as a work of art, a display cabinet or any cabinet with photos and memories. 

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