Different Tiles For Bathrooms

Thinking about reforming the bathroom or your small toilet, and the truth is that you want to put something different? Would like a finish that will highlight as the bathrooms from magazines of decoration? While it is true that the furniture or health will help you do this, you must look in the plating. Tiles can make this part of your home to become the center of attention. Bet on different tiles for your bathroom. Trends of the moment who are falling in love with decorators from inside such as hexagonal tiles, the type fish flake or prints Moroccan style.

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Hexagonal tiles

Tiles hydraulic type are already a clear trend. However, there are new forms that are beginning to sneak into chic environments, for example, hexagonal tiles. The interesting thing is that in addition to the typical smooth models, designs can be found printed or even create mosaics using them different shades. In the bathroom, this type of blank solution can do to highlight the black furniture or pine which you want to place. Contrast with a dark soil and you will have a wonderful corner.

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Diamond tile

After the hex, it reached the diamond. The advantage over the earlier is that the variety of ways that you can create with them is greater. Small and elongated format, these diamond tiles can become a great ally for those who want to create a different mosaic in the baths. Try to mix them with different tones of a same color palette, the result is excellent.

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Fish flakes

They are a novelty that we love, not love and fascinates us. The tile type flake of fish not are for them "cowards". It is a risky solution that may like or not, but will not leave anyone indifferent. To see them, we can well understand his name; and it is that surfaces, with them, resemble the scales of a fish. As in previous cases, this type of tiles can be placed in the same color or by using various shades of the same color gamut. Play with colors has never been so much fun.

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Different Tiles For Bathrooms 8

Type underground still like

Although many are already tired of the tile type meter, no can deny that it is still tendency. Black and white always works, even though today we begin to see some riskier options with other colors such as grey or red. You can play, also with different boards, leaving them either in white or in black.

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Tiles with taste of Morocco

Finally, highlight the growing interest in the baths with certain Arab aspect. Tiles, in this sense, do much. Famous is the taste of the Arab world by the mosaics and prints. You can now place one of these pieces in your bathroom. It's mosaics, which we could see perfectly at any Palace of Morocco. Colors and geometric forms that will delight your guests.

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What have you think of proposals that we share? Do what type of tiles that they are better adapted to your tastes and needs? 

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