Different Finishes For Walls

Do you have a wall that you want to highlight? You are tired of painting and you want more interesting to give a different touch? Then you're in luck, because there are a lot of options when it comes to covering walls which you can use without having to lie in the typical. We'll show you some. From brick walls to view or stone, wood, through classic options like wallpaper, but with much more fresh models or perhaps a great fotomural than life to your dining room. Find the option that goes with your style of life.

Different Finishes For Walls 1

Industrial long brick walls

Industrial decoration enthusiasts can see this solution yours. Brick walls are also highly decorative, very resistant. In addition, don't let us fall into the error of thinking that you should only use terracotta brick walls. The brick can be painted. For example white color, which will provide plenty of light to any environment.

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Different Finishes For Walls 3
Warmth with wood

Wood is not only suitable to place it on the floor, also can cover your walls, and even your ceilings with this material. If you don't want to have a material as delicate as the wood, that is, you can always opt for imitations such as those offered by laminate flooring. The effect is exactly the same, only that does not require as much care and is not sensitive to moisture and liquids. This type of solution is ideal for rooms with a rustic or neo-rustic touch.

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Wallpaper, classics that always like

It's an alternative to painting, and the truth is that I am convinced, and long. Mainly because of its price, especially if we compare it with wood and other coatings. It is true that placement, if you have drawings, can be a little difficult, reaching in many cases require the help of a specialist, but we cannot deny that the effect is impressive. In addition, you can get away from the conventional roles and choose the flashiest models. For example, those that like today, own exotic or tropical decor. Do you like moles, flamingos, pineapples? Any element can be part of your wall with a good wallpaper.

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Different Finishes For Walls 7
A decorative mural for the most risky

The murals or photo wall murals have come to stay. Many do not end up seeing them, they tend to be flashy. However, others remain fascinated by its decorative power. The photo wall murals are ideal to recreate scenes from nature and even urban landscapes on any wall in your home. Imagine a lounge in which to place a sunset. They give greater depth stays, being also a great resource for bedrooms, thus replacing other elements such as the bed heads.

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Different Finishes For Walls 9
PVC plates that mimic other materials

PVC plates quite lower cost options such as wood, the brick or stone cladding. They are imitations, but to be honest, in many cases the effect is really similar. What more convincing, in addition to the price, is that they are easy to place, screw these plates to the wall easily.

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