Decoration With Plants

There are many ways to integrate green into your home. Whether with textiles, with colors on the furniture or walls. However, do so through the plants is perhaps one of the most elegant ways of doing so. This article will give you some ideas so you can decorate with plants all your environments, from large plants with huge leaves up options for those who do not have long time to devote, as in the case of the cactus, easy to care for and very aesthetic.

Decoration With Plants 1
The elegance of the large-leafed plants

The large-leafed plants are green and exotic touch that is both fashionable. Species such as the fern, bird's nest, Areca, Ficus, the plant known as a rib of Adam or the trunk of Brazil are just a few examples. This type of plants are fantastic in any corner. In addition, if several joints will be able to create a beautiful interior garden in the purest Amazonian jungle.

Decoration With Plants 2

Decoration With Plants 3

Great detail, the demijohns

The demijohns are those large bottles glass carrying both in vintage-style environments, and even rustic. Solo work well, but the truth is that we love them with a bit of green, although in this case also it is advisable to mix them with flowers. How vases with a special charm, and can place them on any surface, and its size is also very big on the ground.

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Decoration With Plants 5
The simplicity of the cactus

Cacti are so simple and practical. Sizes there are dull, from the smallest to the largest. Isolated, in their larger sizes, give a touch of Santa Fe very interesting, although it is also possible to create small compositions in terrariums. Best of all is that they are not too complicated plants in terms of their care is concerned, therefore, if you are a person that they have no time to take care of their plants, these are a real temptation.

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Decoration With Plants 7
Framed floors

Yes, something that worries us frequently topic plants are their care. However, there are options when introducing these elements without having to worry about watering them. The dried leaves, for example, are all a source of inspiration. In a wide range of magazines you will see how many indoor integrate pictures with different types of dried leaves. They are ideal for vintage decor, and the truth is that we love to us.

Decoration With Plants 8
Sheets of plants

Very similar to the above, but with a more retro, botanical blades have come to stay. We already liked the anatomical plates, but the botanical give a different touch to the rooms. You can get small plates to create your own compositions or opt for the larger, framing them, and enjoy them in your living room, bedroom or office.

Decoration With Plants 9

Decoration With Plants 10
Vertical gardens, always a pleasure
Vertical gardens are a subject of which we have pulled many times and it is that few vegetable compositions can boast of having so much beauty as these. Options are endless.

Decoration With Plants 11

Decoration With Plants 12

From the small vertical gardens DIY, until the larger walls located in living rooms or kitchens, such as we saw in the "Vertical gardens in the kitchen". If you don't want to waste time in taking care of them, don't hesitate, you opt for artificial vertical gardens, on the market there are authentic wonders. They are not the same as the natural plants, but to taste the colors.

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