Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After

The photo wall murals can be a perfect example of radical change in any room of our home. The truth is that even if the paint or wallpaper are quite well, these elements make that our House has an indisputable decorative plus. We have already spoken in more than one occasion about this decorative technique and how much you love us.

Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After 1

Animals in your wall

Sure, many not held an animal, as for example a Wolf, would be so good on a bedroom wall. Options there are several, because if we do not want to opt for a realistic fotomural, we can always buy those watercolors seem to and give a more subtle touch. If it doesn't convince us, but you want to include a bit of animal life at home, you can choose models that recreate the plumage of a bird, for example. Elegant and perfect for a living room or a sober study.
Bedroom changing completely

Yes, the photo wall murals can be ideal as a headboard. On many occasions we have seen examples with walls papered with different tones and figures. Now, the photo wall murals go a step further. We create romantic scenes with beautiful sunsets, choose natural motifs with leaves and flowers or most artistic photo wall murals. Anything goes in decoration!

Open spaces and photo wall murals

Although there are small ideal fotomurales for the spaces, we cannot deny that a great fotomural in an open space with plenty of natural light, is perfect. In these cases, no so much afraid to choose the reason. That Yes, if we want to highlight it, will be much better if we have floors and clear furniture, which can be framed without problems colors of our fotomural.

Flowers for everyone

You are a romantic person and the truth is that what you like the most are the flowers? You want to fill your home with petals of a thousand colors. The options in this area are vast. We can, for example, take a, the bedroom wall, and fill it with beautiful poppies which help us fall asleep. And the bathroom? The bath can also be a great place to place a fotomural with petals. A resource that this toilet will make a small private spa.

Urban landscapes at home

The cityscapes are perhaps one of the most interesting options. Why? They are able to, first of all, create depth and spaciousness. So, if we have a soda stay flat and colorless, can choose a wall and place the image of a picturesque street or an enigmatic city. We will succeed in this space make slightly larger visually, and the truth is that coffee in our room will no longer be equal.
Sea and air pure

They are the most like, and we understand why. Place photo wall murals with images of clouds can be a nice resource to our cosy lounge. But in addition, let's take the last option, a really narrow interior courtyard, which has included a torrent of water on your wall. The change is completely spectacular, a good resource to mark the difference.

Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After 2

Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After 3

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