The Secrets of The Chalk Painting

Matt in appearance, with a vintage air. Chalk or chalky finish painting falls, and the truth is that it doesn't surprise us. Few paintings offer a finish so perfect and lovely. Would you like to know a little more about her? Learn some things you can do and how. In this article we will give you the keys to understand how this painting. And then tell us what you think.

The Secrets of The Chalk Painting 1

Decoration With Plants

There are many ways to integrate green into your home. Whether with textiles, with colors on the furniture or walls. However, do so through the plants is perhaps one of the most elegant ways of doing so. This article will give you some ideas so you can decorate with plants all your environments, from large plants with huge leaves up options for those who do not have long time to devote, as in the case of the cactus, easy to care for and very aesthetic.

Decoration With Plants 1

Windows and Natural Light In Kitchens

A kitchen with natural light wins, and much. We have not always lucky enough to be able to change the windows of this room, but in single family houses, for example, can be a resource to take into account that we will study carefully. Below we give you some ideas of how could take better advantage of the light from outside into your kitchen, creating also pretty windows full of charm.

Windows and Natural Light In Kitchens 1

Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After

The photo wall murals can be a perfect example of radical change in any room of our home. The truth is that even if the paint or wallpaper are quite well, these elements make that our House has an indisputable decorative plus. We have already spoken in more than one occasion about this decorative technique and how much you love us.

Decoration With Photo Wall Murals, Before And After 1

Different Finishes For Walls

Do you have a wall that you want to highlight? You are tired of painting and you want more interesting to give a different touch? Then you're in luck, because there are a lot of options when it comes to covering walls which you can use without having to lie in the typical. We'll show you some. From brick walls to view or stone, wood, through classic options like wallpaper, but with much more fresh models or perhaps a great fotomural than life to your dining room. Find the option that goes with your style of life.

Different Finishes For Walls 1

Unisex Children's Bedroom Ideas

Are you tired of listening to talk about the bedrooms for girls and for boys bedrooms? If you are of those who believes that it is not good to make distinctions, if you resigned to use Pink for the "princesses" and blue for "men", insurance that you will interest these ideas for a child's unisex bedroom. That are our children who choose colors that feel better. We may not impose from small tones according to gender. Bet on unisex rooms and learns that these can also be of more personal.

Unisex Children's Bedroom Ideas 1

How to Decorate a Rented Apartment

We are not all owners. Living in a rented apartment is the order of the day. But does this mean that we should give up the decoration? No, the truth is that not. Although it is clear that it is not a good idea to invest too much money in a House that is not ours, there are solutions that you can do for little money to make your rental housing is "a little more you". This article will give you some interesting ideas that can come well to customize a rental apartment.

How to Decorate a Rented Apartment 1

How To Properly Illuminate Salon

Sometimes we look more at specific issues of decoration, such as the color of the curtains or the type of furniture, and leave aside aspects as important as the whole, as in the case of the lighting. Stays as the salon, leave this side item can be a blunder, because a bad lighting will make the stay less welcoming. On this occasion you bring some tips that you should take into account if you want your living room is properly lit, both day and night.

How To Properly Illuminate Salon 1

Different Tiles For Bathrooms

Thinking about reforming the bathroom or your small toilet, and the truth is that you want to put something different? Would like a finish that will highlight as the bathrooms from magazines of decoration? While it is true that the furniture or health will help you do this, you must look in the plating. Tiles can make this part of your home to become the center of attention. Bet on different tiles for your bathroom. Trends of the moment who are falling in love with decorators from inside such as hexagonal tiles, the type fish flake or prints Moroccan style.

Different Tiles For Bathrooms 1

Choose The Soil Suitable For Your Kitchen

Are you thinking about changing your kitchen floor? Do not have very clear which option may work better in this room? We give you some ideas that can come very well; and, the truth is that variety there, and much. In the market we find many alternatives, from traditional options such as the porcelain or porcelain until much more cutting-edge ideas like the floors of linoleum or the microcement. Look well to their features and get an idea of how would be in your kitchen with the images that we will teach you here.

Choose The Soil Suitable For Your Kitchen 1