Trends For Kitchens

If you are thinking about changing your kitchen and you want to know what are the trends now itself can be found in major shopping and decoration firms, you approach some tips that may come to you well. From colors, textures and plated up to the different distribution for the kitchen are aspects that we must bear in mind. Then we'll give you some tips to make your kitchen to fashion.

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Transitional kitchens

Make no mistake, open kitchens are still a trend. It is true that the functionality of the outdoors seems to convince and much. However, we are now seeing other trends, such as for example, the kitchens of transition. They do not renounce the open space, but they prefer to include a separation bar. They are ideal for small spaces in which we want to delimit the areas well but without an enclosure. In addition, a bar in the kitchen is always useful to have breakfast and to eat.
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Fashion colors

White is still the King, there is some discussion. However, we now see some variants. For example, Matt tones. The Matt white or magnolia are two proposals that like, and much. In addition, we also see other recurrent tones like gray, especially for kitchens with more light.
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Black and white kitchen

The classic combination of black and white again with great force. It's a bet that is balanced in that it can trust depending on the size of our kitchen. If we have lots of space and it's a kitchen with great natural light sources, we can bet on furniture in black and countertop in white. Tops in black and white furniture also work very well, especially in the slightly smaller kitchens.
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Combination in textures and materials

Another trend that we like the most is the combination of white with wood. In all its versions and finishes can be seen in numerous kitchens with stylish. We can, for example, use wood base units and reserve white for the tall furniture. A combination of elegance and warmth.

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Marble back with force

While a few years ago people chose countertops synthetic, apparently, natural stones return to conquer hearts. It is not surprising, as a natural stone will always have a beauty and inimitable distinction. Marble kitchen countertops is that they are all different, no is the same, so that in this way we will succeed in having a unique cuisine.

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Flooring and walls

Here we find many options. The tile type meter, for example, who is sticking with much force, both in white and other colors. In addition, hydraulics in small areas or large walls is also an option that we can see more and more.
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In terms of soil, microcemento, for example, has great advantages stylistic and functional when it comes to place it in our kitchen. However, here the wood as the flooring vinyl with imitation wood-synthetic remains convincing much more.

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