Tips To Leverage an Attic

Dormers are places full of charm. Sloped roofs give a warm and cosy, but do you know your space? Yes, the dormers are precious, but they can also become a challenge when using them. We give you some practical tips to use these rooms. Don't be afraid to use this part of your home. In it you can locate from a bedroom to a study, or also a kitchen. Yes, everything is possible with a little order.
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One bedroom in the attic

These spaces are ideal for a bedroom. Now well, there is that have in has that the ceilings of the dormers can be a problem at the time of distribute our cabinets, tables auxiliary and others. In the case of the bedroom, try that the head of the bed always matches the part in which the ceiling are more inclined. Because this area is difficult to take otherwise. If we put the bed in this direction we will have free zones with higher ceiling to position other furniture and transit.
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A desk in the attic

If we want to put a Studio in the attic we must also take into account the theme of light. The dormer windows are not usually very large, for this reason, a good location for the desktop will be just under one of them. They usually coincide with the lower part of the roof, something that will give us an advantage as in the previous case. First, sitting we don't need that the ceiling is higher. Second, we will have more space to place another type of furniture.
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Custom shelving

The lower part of our attic can be exploited by perfectly placing shelves as. We can use shelves if you prefer, but the truth is that custom shelves tend to give better results, because they adapt perfectly to the space. In addition, we can also choose to place a large shelf of work, custom-made, a whole wall, saving both the problems of slope of the roof.
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Baths in a Garret

When it comes to put a bathroom in the attic also we need to take into account the drop ceiling. If we opt for a shower tray, it should be oriented so that the faucet is in the part of the highest roof. If we choose to bath, we have no problem to place it in the part of the tilt.
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Double height lofts

And if my attic has sloping roofs, but they are very high? Congratulations, you can get a lot more party. You could, for example, create a double-height room, reserving the top to place the bed and the lower part to study area, for example.
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Loft kitchens which fall in love

It is not common, because the truth is that dormers are usually reserved for other rooms, but we can also meet any extraordinary situation, for example, on the top floor of a block of flats that has this type of sloping ceilings. The important thing here is to try to make a useful and functional approach. If we want to save the gap successfully, it is better to place the fridge and those parts with high furniture in central areas, where the ceiling is so low.
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What you think the proposals? If you have some attic or roof tilted surely environment any of these ideas could come well.

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