Original Floral Arrangements

Are you planning a birthday party? Organize a special evening with friends and family? Would you like your table shine with their own light? No doubt need a good floral arrangement; and it is that flowers always give joy and color to the table. If you are tired of conventional centerpieces and want to put a little more originality to your floral arrangements, we give you some ideas you may perhaps be interested.

Original Floral Arrangements 1

Small boxes of wood

Wood speaks of nature, and that there are more natural than flowers? Not, it seems bad idea then, gather wood and flowers in a heart. On this occasion we highlight small wooden boxes, ideal to place inside centrepieces. No matter what kind of flower like to add, more colorful or more neutral. The wood will be great with any key. In addition, if you do not find these boxes, you can always try do them yourself with some tables and finish personalizing them with some letters or drawings.

Original Floral Arrangements 2

Original Floral Arrangements 3

Original Floral Arrangements 4
Bottles always work

Glass bottles are always interesting to decorate. It is not the first time that you will see centerpieces with bottles, and the truth is that neither the last. They are elegant and also allow groups that may very well be. You can opt for typical wine bottles or find a transparent glass bottles and paint them on the inside of any color. In addition, they may be decorated with ribbons and other accessories. That Yes, keep in mind that, in a bottle, is not possible to get lots of flowers.

Original Floral Arrangements 5

Original Floral Arrangements 6
The boats, another option

If you don't have glass bottles, or simply want to have a little more lush floral Center, a good choice are boats. We also find them glass, and can perform the same treatment we would with a bottle of the same material. However, on the subject of cans or glass jars, interesting thing is that we can also find these antique brass with various drawings. An option that seems beautiful no doubt.

Original Floral Arrangements 7

Original Floral Arrangements 8
Showers that happy day

And if use a shower of brass as vase? Why not? The truth is that they have enough space to become a beautiful and original floral arrangement. In addition, there are many ways of showers and different sizes, and can also make a collage with all of them.

Original Floral Arrangements 9
Without birds cages

It is not new, the cages are elements that have become fashionable in the world of decoration, especially those that have vintage air. They are ideal for decorations style shabby chic. We have seen them alone, decorating with books inside and plenty of decorative elements more. With flowers, the truth is that they work very well. We just need a cage large enough and a support to be able to engage all of our flowers. As we can see in the pictures, the result is much less conspicuous. In addition, if you have old cages at home or in the home of a relative, restore them is not difficult, sanded a little, a coat of paint and they will be ready to look at our table or in some corner.

Original Floral Arrangements 10

Original Floral Arrangements 11