Nordic Style Dining Rooms

Nordic or Scandinavian style continues to be a clear trend in interior decoration. Its simple lines, its light colours and cozy materials, like wood, get to conquer anyone. We give you some ideas that you can implement in your dining room to give Nordic touch that you both want. We found some very nice proposals in Kenay, an online shop of furniture that we love. From materials to decorative elements that will make this room a cozy and unique corner.

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White and wood

If anything is clear in this style is having weakness by the neat rooms. To do this, white always helps. Choose furniture lacquered or painted in white will help to decorate rooms with simplicity. However, we must remember that wood, in its most natural state, is also present. A contrast of the most interesting among both finishes can be the perfect touch to your dining room.

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Wooden tables to eat in family

Wood tables are perhaps the most used in dining rooms with Nordic touch. It is true that this material can sin, sometimes being too rustic. However, this style is not looking for parts with dark colors, feels much more comfortable with pine woods, for example, treated naturally, with light colours. As for the legs of the same, what if you are looking for models of wooden tables with White-footed?

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Chairs that contrast, but without going over

A Nordic cpmedor chairs can take many forms. If we have opted for a wooden table, would be a good idea to give a touch of color to them. Now, don't forget that too strong tones do not go too with this style. Commitment to chairs in pastel colors, for example. If you want to add a different and fun touch, choose a little more original, as dining room chairs made of rattan or wicker chairs. Far from what you can imagine, they are quite comfortable, and give certain exotic air to the whole.

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Wallpapers that give life

We love the wallpapers. And Nordic style also! While it is true you can find an endless number of different models on the market, we will emphasize those geometric shapes blending. Geometry has always been a faithful companion of Scandinavian environments. Also used colors, but go for the tones cake, they are much more welcoming and you will tire less than see them. In addition, a good resource is set aside this role to a single wall, to highlight it on others without clipping.

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Question of decoration

It is true that Scandinavian environments beyond a little too striking decoration. They prefer pieces with a unique flavor. Elements fun such as sheets, lamps with different shapes or parts based on that natural wood that both fits into these environments, like for example a nice watch.

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Wicker baskets are also interesting; and it is that the materials of this type tend to look really good in these environments. The same goes for the Crystal. Perhaps the perfect piece you're looking for a simple vase.