Keys To The Modern Gardening

You tired of watering your plants constantly watching as the water bill for not climbing? Worried about the excessive use of water and its negative effect? Have you ever heard something about Xeriscape? I may be the solution you're looking for. Learn the keys to create an organic garden that requires little water for maintenance. A different green area for your home, and above all, sustainable.

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Origin and purpose of the xeorjardineria

The modern gardening appeared there by the 1980s after drought suffered in the 1970s in the West of the United States. It was necessary to build gardens that have a low water consumption, and this is mainly the objective of the xerojardines, enjoy a green corner that does not require large amounts of water to survive. However, the water saving is not the only goal, with the passage of time, this type of gardens have profiled as the best option for people who want to have green spaces, ecological, limiting e.g. pesticides, lower use of machinery with fuel, etc. Still, the reduction of watering is still the most interesting; and it is proven that this type of gardens consume a quarter of the irrigation water that consume conventional gardens. Interesting, right?

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Order your plants

The most important thing in a xerojardin is to have an order. We have to organise our spaces on three levels, a dry zone, a zone of moderate watering and a wetland. In the dry area will put the toughest species, those that need less water during the year, plants that tolerate drought without problems. Moderate irrigation area will have a little more water, especially in the beginning, when the plants need help to expand quickly. Finally we have the humid zone, where obviously the irrigation will be higher, this area will be smaller.

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Things to keep in mind in a xerojardin

Although you have divided the plants helps a lot, there are also other tips to create a xerojardin. For example, at the edges of the lawn is where more water falls, take advantage of these places to plant those that most need to be watered. In addition, it is also a good idea to create shade to protect some plants from the Sun. This plant trees or pergolas. The wind also helps to dry the plants, using permeable windbreaks to protect your species.

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What kind of plants are ideal for the modern gardening?

It is essential to take into account the adaptation to the type of land that we have in each case. Thus, issues such as climate or location, as well as problems of pests, water availability, etc, must be taken into account. Although we mentioned it from the grass above, the truth is that it is not recommended to plant it in a xerojardin. To the extent possible avoid it, as they are species that require a lot of water. You can run to find a stronger subspecies which need less water or you limit the grass area to small spaces. You can use stones to cover some areas of the garden. In addition, you can also use known as ground plants. But if you like plants, and know which can come in handy for this type of gardens, you can opt for maples, cypresses, magnolias, thyme, cactus, marigolds, thoughts, cinnamon, Rosemary, almond trees, oleander, tarragon, hibiscus, common Chamomile, lavender, honeysuckle or Juniper, among many others.

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What do you think of the modern garden design? Did you know of its existence? Well, the truth is that in this case you already know something about this sustainable alternative for those who love plants.

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