Keys To The Industrial Style

We see it constantly in magazines and blogs of decoration. Industrial style has something to engage. Insurance more than once have wanted to move some of these environments to your own House. Would you know how to do it? We give you the keys necessary to achieve industrial-style in your home d├ęcor. Whether in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom. Enjoy and take note.

Keys To The Industrial Style 1
Open spaces, architecture to the naked

Yes, do not forget that the industrial-style is directly inspired by the old factories. Open spaces and completely airy. But it is also, spaces in which the structures are not hidden. What does it mean? View pipes, beams and columns. All these elements are welcome, indeed, are even necessary in order to create an environment 100% industrial-style.

Keys To The Industrial Style 2

Keys To The Industrial Style 3
Windows uncovered

Although we are accustomed to the curtains, the truth is that industrial environments stand out for having powerful sources of natural light, i.e. windows, which are not covered by any type of fabric. In addition, iron windows, are very much whether they are black or gray. They are good resources to give a different touch to our room.

Keys To The Industrial Style 4

Keys To The Industrial Style 5

Bricks that fall in love

In the industrial-style are many materials which can help us. We have commented that the iron is a good choice, but also the bricks. Remember the old factories, with those so characteristic red bricks. Having one or more walls of brick will help us get that long-desired effect.

Keys To The Industrial Style 6

Keys To The Industrial Style 7
Fences that separate

Although we can hardly change windows of a building, unless it is a building with this type of windows or a townhouse. We can create interior walls as windows. The Industrial enclosures are very fashionable, placed between the kitchen and the living room or in other rooms of the House. Best iron, but if we put them in wood and paint them black also cannot operate. Let's not forget that industrial environments have a very characteristic dark touch.

Keys To The Industrial Style 8

Keys To The Industrial Style 9
Industrial kitchens

In the kitchen it is simple. Opt for foods of metal. Yes, metal. They are great together with brick or soil such as hydraulic. In addition, we can also opt for wood furniture and place pipes seen by all the cooking. The options are endless if we choose well the elements.

Keys To The Industrial Style 10
Cement floors

Although there is no problem to use another type of soil, we cannot deny that the cement or microcemento soils are the Favorites of this decorative style. These soils, in addition, aesthetically are gorgeous, as they are continuous and do not have any type of Board.

Keys To The Industrial Style 11

Keys To The Industrial Style 12
Essential lighting

The lighting must also be well looked after. Although the ideal is to have good sources of natural light, we must bear in mind that the colors that are used in the industrial style are dark, it never comes bad have light extra. Opt for large metal, lights without screen or film spotlights lamps. Don't forget to have sufficient points of light so the House is fully illuminated in the gray days and evenings.

Keys To The Industrial Style 13

Keys To The Industrial Style 14
How about the industrial-style? Would you dare to decorate your House or, at least, any environment with this style?