Ideas To Make Your Backyard

Having a patio can be wonderful, if you know how to use this space; and it is that we do not always have quite clear ideas. But don't worry, if you want to make the most of your backyard space will give you some ideas that come to you very well. From a movie theater in the open air to an area in which to relax with friends. A patio can be a great place to make life in the open air. Attentive and notes.

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Chill-out areas for relax

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use our patio is creating a chill out area. In these places you can meet with friends in the evening while enjoying a cocktail, for example. How to get it? Very simple. In this case the low seats work very well. It is not that we do not place chairs, which is also another option, is ornate with lots of cushions and different sizes work or wooden benches will give us a feeling of relax instantly. As a complement, you can not miss a table low to place our drinks or something to eat. In addition, if your yard has many hours of sunshine, place plants or an awning to also use it during the day may be a good idea.

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Lunch or dinner in your backyard

If you're more dinners or meals with friends or family, will also be an excellent choice put a high table for these events. Having this space in the open air will make you the King of all events. Per day supplemented with plants, that green always brings joy and counteracts the heat of the Sun. In the evening, don't forget to add candles and lights to make your guests more comfortable. If you prefer, you can place any type of ceiling in which plants, may tangle will give you a really lovely wild appearance.

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A bar for drinks

It seems to us an idea ideal, especially if it's small courtyards. We can make a bar with high stools. It will be the favorite place for all your friends, that do not fit doubt. Also, do not you forget of add many plants and colors live, get of this bar the corner more tropical of your House.

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Water as therapy

It may be that your backyard is not large enough to build an Olympic-size pool, but the truth is that insurance you can create a small raft of water to relax. Yes, the water is very therapeutic, and in addition, we cannot deny that these mini pools are superbly well.

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Ideas To Make Your Backyard 7
A swing for the most playful

You have children at home or not, a swing can also be a good example of how to make your patio. The swings are not just for children. The adults also can relax is in them, to outdoor, while enjoy of a pleasant reading or a NAP restorative.

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Ideas To Make Your Backyard 9
Open air cinema

Finally, and not least, we love courtyards have been exploited to become makeshift cinemas. Lots of cushions for the soil, some candles, a projector and a sheet will be sufficient to create an atmosphere of Hollywood.

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