Ideas To Decorate Interiors With Plants

The plants give joy to all the rooms of the home. Best of all is that with them, we can create cozy corners in a thousand different ways. We give you some ideas that may well come if you want to bet in decorating your interiors with plants. Hanging from the ceiling, shelves or in planters. Either way, your plants will always give life stays where you place them. Notes and see if any of these proposals is what you were looking for.
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Pots that hang from the ceiling

Why not? It's a different and original way to place our pots at home, without a doubt. For this so just have that hold the pots with a rope and anchor it well to the ceiling. Keep in mind that many more pots hang more resistant it will be the cord that you use. As for the place in which to put this collage of flowers, if you like the color, you can opt for a corner of your living room either place them in a Hall with light; and you remember that plants need sunlight to live.
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Green your ladder shelves

Do you have a ladder at home and you want to decorate it in a different way? Hanging pictures, a resource that we also love; there is. others prefer family photos. The truth is that decorate the staircase with plants also is a good choice. You can place a shelf and put your plants up, so you accompany whenever raise and low them stairs.
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Orchids to give color to your life

We love the orchids. A very interesting way of filling your House of color and elegance at the same time, without a doubt. You can place a group of these flowers in a large wicker basket and rest it on the floor, next to a door. However, nor can forget us of the form more traditional of use these flowers decorative so beautiful, by placing them on a shelf next to a window.
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Bars for hanging plants

Looking for another idea to hang your plants? The bars can serve you. Yes, as you read. You can see it in the pictures below. They are ideal to engage, by means of flanges or other systems, your pots on them. A different way that will look very good in any room, and that in addition, can serve, among others, to make a small aromatic corner with plants that we can then use to cook. It best of all is that this option also is ideal for foreign, what you seem?
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Plants on pallets

Such mythical pallets of wood or decking could not miss. The truth is that with them, as well as numerous DIY fall in love, we can create authentic vertical gardens. Not is a work expensive, so only need one of these pallets and a bit of mana. As for the finish, there are who prefers to leave the bare wood, rustic plan, and others who prefer to give it a coat of paint, such as for example white, that always looks good with any type of decoration. Do you use color?

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This classic always like

Yes, the different forms of place plants like us, but we cannot deny that a large plant, like a ficus or a trunk of Brazil, can be the perfect touch to any environment. A good pot and water every two days and ready. This last option may be the distinctive touch may be the place the pot inside a wicker basket. What do you think of proposals?
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