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Having a patio or garden in spring is a luxury. The truth is that the good days that are coming will make this part of our home to enjoy the most, but do you know how to decorate these outdoors so that your visits are completely amazed? From tables in wrought iron, through gazebos or pergolas, to aspects such as outdoor lighting. Your terraces, patios or gardens should have all the details to become a unique place.

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It takes care of the lighting

Yes, by the day not you we will need, but if we want to benefit from our outside the hours without sun, we have to care a lot for the topic of lighting. Fortunately in the market there are plenty of alternatives that can come in very handy. Different options that will make your tables and corners to rest are unique. There are solar lights, those that are loaded during the day and radiate a dim light at night, to hanging lanterns. In addition, you can always use candles, giving certain romantic touch to the environment.

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The iron as good outdoor companion

In the furniture, the truth is that there is also plenty to choose from. One of the materials that we like most outdoor is iron. Wrought iron furniture, for example, give excellent results. They have certain romantic touch, and also boast a vast chromatic variety. In terms of maintenance, you only have to take care to not finish oxidizing for rainy days, but it will not be too complicated.

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Wooden pallets

Outdoor pallets can also give excellent results. The truth is that today there are many furniture made with pallets, even up to in decoration magazines. Many models of these DIY, built by the owners of the houses. However, it is good to know that there are also companies that specialize in designing this type of furniture. Outdoors I like, and much, because wood always combines seamlessly with plants and grass.

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Banks for sleep

Use the sides of our terrace or patio can work. Can place banks elongated, or well work or well others materials, that with the textile right is converted in an excellent area chill out for rest after all a day of work. Again do force into the subject of lighting, if you prefer, more tenuous, to be able to relax while enjoying a drink at the end of the day our outdoor.

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The textile is paramount

Yes, the textile is very important. Furniture give character, but textile looms the personality of our exteriors. There are many options on the market, and may opt out of those colors that most conform to our tastes or you can create a beautiful multicolored terrace with thousand and one different shades.

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The most luxurious outdoor gazebos

Place a gazebo depends directly on the space that you have on the outside. It is true that there are different sizes, but if we do not want to be uncomfortable, or that the beauty of this structure is lost, it will be better to use in large places. We can find them wooden iron and even plastic, and other materials. In addition, also we can opt to clear arbors, in which a structure, you see only either put a curtain to give more intimacy.

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