Ideas For Laundry at Home

The washing zone is not easy easy sector in terms of decor. The truth is that, sometimes, it is difficult to make it look consistent with the rest of the House. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. On this occasion we offer you some ideas to inspire you. Areas of washing at home that will leave you completely fascinated. We will show that everything is possible with a bit of good taste.

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Laundry cabinets

The location of these areas of washing can vary greatly depending on each House. There are some who prefer to incorporate it into rooms like the kitchen or even the bathroom. However, for convenience, if we have an independent space, will be much better. Does not need to in the case of a large room. You can accommodate your washer and dryer (in case of having one) in tight corners, as for example a Cabinet. With a door and keep it closed, we will have the washing area away from the rest of the House.

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Placed a sink style vintage

For lovers of vintage style, a good option is to get one of these old stubs, as that our grandmothers used to wash. These batteries can be embedded in a piece of furniture that will serve as storage for all cleaning products. Pastel colours and wooden countertops can do the rest.

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Storage for clothing and products

A homemade laundry must have space to store both detergents and cleaners as clothing. Although the choice of furniture always is, there are very aesthetic alternatives, for example using Wicker baskets. This type of baskets can be placed on shelves without problem. In addition, if you prefer, you can bet with another type of material, such as plastic or metal baskets.

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A very colorful laundry

If what you are looking for is a quarter of washing to all color, in addition to furniture colorful, can bring dynamism with others elements. You can for example, papering the walls. Paper painted in wet areas? Yes, it is possible. In the market there is a wide range of roles suitable for this type of stays. Tend to be of material resistant, as the vinyl, by what not there problem some in be in contact with the moisture. Best of all is that wallpapers have a wide repertoire of models, being able to fully customize this stay.

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Washing and ironing in the same space

A laundry room serves, as its own name indicates, for washing. However, to make the most out of this room, always you can also implement an ironing area. Make sure that you save your table of ironing, but also to open it without any hindrance. Also place shelves to be able to go by placing clothes ironed and folded.

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The white as best Allied

If your laundry room is extremely small and you don't want that it is suffocating, a good option is to bet by washing machine and furniture white. Do not be afraid at all exaggerate with white, as it is ideal for small spaces. We must also bear in mind that this color makes stays much more tidy. In the end, if you think about it, the clean clothes is associated with this concept. What you think the proposals? If you're thinking about implementing a zone of washing at home, we hope that these ideas will be useful.

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