September 8, 2016

We love wallpaper. It is a really interesting choice for decorating a House; and is that, besides getting in the market an endless designs, it's a fairly economical decorative appeal. Put wallpaper in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallway? Read and take note of some of these tips will give you, to make your choice the most suitable.

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Wallpaper in the bathroom

Yes, in the past it was impractical; and is that the roles of yesteryear not watched them current papers vinyl or papers vinilizados. These come in special materials, and are designed to repel moisture. They are therefore ideal, to settle in wetlands such as bathrooms and kitchens. What we like the most is that with the arrival of these papers painted vinyl, decorative bathrooms options multiply, and can thus become a place full of color and fun.

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Solutions for your kitchen

Taking into account the characteristics of these vinilizados roles, it is not surprising that also they can be used in the kitchen, something that traditional roles was a bit uncomfortable; and remember that in this room there is also water, but in addition, we have vapors and other problems, as for example the greasiness. We can use these vinilizados papers, but another handy option if we use the paper between the high and low furniture is to place a transparent glass surface front to protect it.

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Wallpapers that mimic other materials

They have surely seen them already in the environment of a magazine; and the wallpapers that mimic other materials are being used a lot. Are trend, and what certain is that are super. We can therefore find roles that mimic materials such as the brick, bamboo, wood, or even stone. They are risky, Yes. Perhaps to cover all the walls of a room, but to give a different touch to a secluded it can work very well.

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Illuminate with wallpaper

Wallpaper can also help us to illuminate certain areas. You only have to choose those who have clear, ideal ringtones for narrower getters or more narrow corridors. The interesting thing is that, although they have colored, they can have different decorative patterns or textures.

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Floral, prints always a success

Floral papers never go out of fashion. It is true that we can find models with much more modern flowers, but the classics, the flower of life, are still one bet more than interesting to decorate any stay in our home, as for example a romantic bedroom.

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Plant papers for exotic environments

The exotic environments are also very to the last. In addition to materials like Wicker or a vast variety of textiles, these environments can be very benefit with green palm prints wallpapers. We must be careful, these prints are often quite striking. If we don't use them cautiously, we can finish dwarfing stays. As always, less is more. Perhaps it is better to opt for paper as only one of the walls of our room.

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