Feng Shui In The Kitchen

Are you a lover of Feng Shui? Would you like all your House had good energy and will help you to live a more peaceful and positive? You can start with the kitchen, a space that we use every day, in which he spent much time and, in many households, becomes the nerve center of the same.

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We will then give you some useful tips to make your kitchen a place which comply 100% with the philosophy of Feng Shui. Take note!

Where to locate the kitchen?

In the majority of cases the kitchen is where is. We can not do much to change of place. However, if we are thinking about reforming our home and we have this possibility, perhaps you want us know the location of the kitchen, in the Feng Shui philosophy, is quite important. Ideally, be oriented to the South and is very close to the main entrance door. In addition, this philosophy tells us that we avoid that the doors of the kitchen and bathroom are faced.

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Furniture in white, a very classical Feng Shui

On this occasion the Feng Shui is very much agree with the current trends in decoration; and it is that in the kitchens that follow this philosophy are often used with gloss white furniture. White gives much more light to the room, something that is indispensable in Feng Shui. In addition, it should bear in mind that we already have sufficient elements of fire and water, making it red and blue tones are not recommended. If we want to paint the walls of an another tone or provide decoration with color, we can do it without problems, but avoiding, as mentioned, range of Blues and reds.

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Our kitchen organization

We arrived at the more complicated part, because every kitchen has a certain space. Most importantly, have organized the elements of fire and water. Both groups must be located together, but separate, fire with fire and water. The oven, the stove and the microwave must be on one side and the sink, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher in another. They should never be faced and is not obliged to locate them close, separated by elements of wood or metal.

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Natural light to power

The ideal kitchen for Feng Shui philosophy must have a strong natural light. The large windows will be welcome, but in addition, it is also possible (and necessary) include artificial lights when it is night. In this case, this philosophy calls are divided into zones, and intense lights to be able to properly illuminate each of the parts of the kitchen.

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The order is essential

Finally, Feng Shui emphasizes a lot that kitchens should be always neat and clean. Only in this way we will achieve to take advantage of all the positive energy of this stay in our home. Finally, although it may surprise some, installation of electronics, such as radios, televisions or telephones, should be limited as this will make much cleaner energies and promote communication and union of the family.

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