Decoration With Recycled Logs

There are many ways to take advantage of the logs. The truth is that, in the DIY world, wood is the great Queen. You approach some ideas that may well come if you're planning to include them in your home decor. From tables auxiliaries for the dining room, bedside tables or even outdoor furniture for patios and gardens. Everything is possible. We invite you to see these proposals and then tell us what you think.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 1
Bedside tables with simple trunks

If, not need large tables of night. If we have a small bedroom, but anyway we want to have an area to place the alarm clock and mobile while sleep, without any doubt, the bedside tables made with a log could be the solution. We can incorporate wheels if you want, although its function of bedside table not seems to be very practical. Simply leaving it hold itself and smoothing the surface is sufficient.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 2

Decoration With Recycled Logs 3

Side tables for whole House

If you like as table, they may interest you as side tables in any corner of the House. There are many options to make this DIY. We can, for example, leave the trunk in block, holding is thus by itself same. Another option would be to include legs of iron so you can hold on and be a little more decorative. In this option, the wheels can also be useful, so you can move it when we need it or disturb in any particular place.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 4

Decoration With Recycled Logs 5

Stools and chairs to eat

Trunks can also be adapted as seats. Yes, as benches or stools to sit is to a table. The easiest option is perhaps by putting a cushion at the top to make it more comfortable, or just sanding the top so that it is smooth and not us since with splinters. As we can see the result is really nice and original. From seats to large banquet tables to stools that give you an extra site where he can sit in the living room.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 6

Decoration With Recycled Logs 7
Coat racks with trunks

The trunks, or in this case also dried whole trees, can serve as coat racks. If we look at its structure and naturally, we realize that its branches may be ideal for hanging hats from down jackets. As well as, can be a DIY very interesting to include in our Hall, especially is an excellent alternative for who aim to get receivers rustic; and that's always good a standing coat rack to hang things to get home.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 8

Decoration With Recycled Logs 9

Trunks for the garden

We can also include the trunks in the decoration of gardens. For example, we can build our own path-based slices of trunks. As we can see in the photo, is frankly well surrounded by flowers and vegetation. Although in this case it has been chosen by varnishing not trunks, these can varnish without problems so that they can better withstand weathering. In addition, we can also make lamps edging our way. Yes, lamps. To do this you only have to empty the trunk on the inside. Can introduce bulbs of low consumption to are so beautiful as in the photo.

Decoration With Recycled Logs 10

Decoration With Recycled Logs 11

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