Decorate Your Interior With Orchids

Orchids are beautiful flowers that can be ideal to decorate our interiors, but do you know about them? Can you care for them? Can you choose your color and adapt them to your decor? In this article we give you some ideas and tips for decorating with these beautiful flowers and to not finish dying in the attempt to care for them; and it is far from what you can imagine, are not as sensitive as you think.

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The natural elegance of orchids

Orchids first arrived in Europe back in the 18th century, came in ships of the British Navy, and they were originating in the American continent. However, the truth is that these flowers were already known. The footballer Confucius said of them that they were the Queens of fragrant plants. Also, there were many ancient civilizations that saw this plant not only a strong aesthetic power, also aphrodisiac properties. However, once he arrived in Europe, Orchid began to be seen in a more generalized way. The bourgeois classes welled with this exotic plant, making it very soon began farms in jungles and forests. Today it is not difficult to find them, as in any city in the world you will find greenhouses in this flower. So, get an orchid in your town will not be mission impossible at all.

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Care of orchids

What we know regarding their care orchids? To begin with, are not as sensitive as you think. We think that it's tropical plants, therefore, moisture will be important in their daily lives. Try to find a corner where the humidity is a little higher, your Orchid will be much better there. As for the light, it is important to get their daily dose. However, we must not put them in places where the Sun is direct. It will be best to opt for rooms that are well-lit, but in which the Sun not between in a very aggressive way, as this could end up with the orchid. And how the irrigation? With care, too much water could be fatal. Try to water them only once a week. The ideal is to refresh its roots by placing it on top of a dish with water, and after a while remove it from there, this will be more than enough for your Orchid grow healthy.

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Different colors for an orchid

How many colors can be found in the orchids? The truth is that many. Let us remember that we we have a plant that has more than 20,000 different species. Although the originals are more limited, the truth is that when the Orchid began to be a defendant flower, many were gardeners who began experimenting with them. Thus, managed to create new varieties across orchids of different species, and therefore giving a wide range of colors that can serve us much when it comes to decorating the home with flowers; and it is that although the typical white orchid is elegant and looks great, opt for colors orchids can give joy to our home.

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Places in which to place an orchid

When we decided to decorate with orchids, the first thing we need to know is where to place it. We take into account what is mentioned in the "care of orchids" section as this is decisive. However, if the entire House has good climatic conditions, the choice is already more personal. In modern kitchens, an orchid can be the perfect complement, especially if the same account with white furniture. In halls and dining rooms and lounges, it can also be a great complement. However, let us note also stays that first we usually forget. Can you imagine an orchid in a bath? Because the truth is that it looks great also.

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What do you think of orchids? Now that you know a little more about them, how about the idea of using them to decorate your interiors?

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