Decorate Your Home With a Slow Deco style

A new decorative style reach the city, and the truth is that we love. It's style Slow Deco, a trend that further than we can imagine not focuses both decoration and the attitude of the person that decorates your home. Slow houses invite you to regain control of our lives and put the stress aside. Live at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the interior of our House, you sign up?

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We give you some ideas of how can make your House a home slow deco. Take pen and paper and let inspiration come to you. We will then give you some keys of this interesting decorative style.

Open and functional spaces

Slow House deco does not want confined spaces. This type of homes feel much more comfortable in bed and open spaces clear and communicated. We must try, therefore, avoid the widest possible of partitions, but also full of doors. In general, is to eliminate obstacles to make stays more connected, for example, the kitchen, the dining room and lounge. In addition, it is best to opt for little ornate spaces, because they favor the cleanliness and order, which is necessary for a home deco slow.
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The Hall, an area for enjoy

The receiver should be a space to retain, and not give us wanted to go. It has to be a welcoming place, with light tones that soothe us nothing more with passing the door. It is essential to have a place to leave the keys, but also to leave the shelter, bag or shoes and, why not, a bench where you can sit to get shoes and take a couple of minutes before going out to face the new day.
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Therapeutic bedroom

In a bedroom, the decoration slow seeks primarily one thing, the rest and the regeneration of the individual. For this reason, they must be well ventilated and illuminated places. It is also important to avoid noises. It is best to put the bedroom on the inside, if the outside overlooking the street. The cabinets will have easy access to the seasonal clothing and avoid untapped corners. Choose clothing of natural texture, because this type of textiles favor relaxation and help us to sleep. In addition, it is important to not have electronics in our bedroom, because it is proven that make it difficult for the rest of the people.
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The kitchen, the center of your life

Please note that this style or philosophy of home comes from the slow movement, which was started by Carlo Petrini and that it has triumphed in the field of gastronomy. Thus, this part of the home is very important. We think it is imperative to have a table or large bar where to eat, to work or to chat in a kitchen. Natural light should be abundant, but also have to look for alternatives, like low light, as well as appliances that are energy-efficient.
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It is also important to have an order, at this point, there are plenty of plug-ins for your drawers and cabinets that will help you be everything on your website. Aromatic plants can give a special point to these kitchens, in addition, do not forget to hang a calendar with seasonal foods, always betting on those who consume in our territory.

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