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The pastel colours are in fashion. It seems that colors like pink, blue or green wanted to collect strength this year, but this time with its softer Variant. For this reason, it is not unusual to see rooms with pastel touches in decoration magazines. But can you apply it in your own home? We give you some ideas. That we want to talk about in this article. Then we'll give you some tips to make your House become a home to the last. Pastel colors everywhere, do you dare?

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The easiest, textile

Yes, we can not deny that the easiest way to include pastels in your decor is through textile. There are plenty of options, from carpets, curtains and even pillows. The latter are ideal to give a different touch to your sofa or bed, for example. Best of all is that the textile is not usually very expensive, so you can change the appearance of your House for very little money. Mix roses with blue, green or yellow without fear. In the decoration cake, the variety of colors not scared.

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Pastel furniture to give character

Commodes, chests of drawers or desks. Everything is possible. In the markup, nowadays, you'll find a lot of furniture in these tones, but in addition, if you have some outdated furniture that already does not fit into your d├ęcor, you can always put hands to work and try to customize it yourself, as we saw in "Furniture painted with colors". Pastel-coloured furniture give personality to the rooms, now well, mustn't mobbing them with this type of elements. It is good idea to counter the force of these colors with walls and neutral soils, light colors such as white or gray work well.

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Sit in pastel colors

What such bet on a pastel-colored sofa? A super idea. Colors such as pink or salmon can clear work superbly. As in the previous case, have features that a sofa is large, so it is advisable to counter that force with more neutral colors. Additionally, it is also a good idea bet on cushions in other colors, as for example in vivid colors or even in black. Another option that we love is the bet on chairs in tones cakes, ideal for a kitchen or dining room.

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Walls cake for all stays

The walls also can be painted with pastel shades. At this point, it is evident that one of the farms that will be better this type of paint for the walls will be in the children's bedrooms. However, it is not the only place where we can include pink or blue cake. A lounge also benefited from these tones, can see that Yes, try to choose a unique wall for not sweetening the environment too.

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Decorate Your Home In Pastel 12

Decorate Your Home In Pastel 13
Key points in pastel colors

Besides furniture such as sofa or Dresser, we can use the pastel shades in certain elements with aesthetic force at home. For example, you could paint (or lacquer) door in pink, or bet on appliances in blue, as a beautiful rounded lines in the retro style fridge; and is that decoration cake feels very comfortable with vintage decor.

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Decorate Your Home In Pastel 15

Small notes of color

And if we don't want to go, you can always opt for small details, such as a table or beautiful frames, photos or pictures to the wall. Touches of color feel well also to our home. We hope that you have liked the proposals. If so we'd love you to share this article on your social networks. Maybe also want your friends or followers.

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