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When it comes to dress our walls, there are many options. You can opt for wallpaper, paint or mirrors, for example. However, a way to decorate the walls quite interesting is with pictures. Would you like to know how to bring dynamism to your walls with these elements? We give you some ideas of how you can decorate with pictures.

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There are many ways to do it, from shelves to symmetrical compositions and collages in no defined order. Everything is possible. Notes and do it at your home. Then we offer you some ideas:

Pictures on shelves

If you have a small dining room, a good choice is the place a shelf and place the pictures on top of it. To be all stacked at the same height and the same surface, we will leave the rest of rather more uncluttered wall. In addition, you won't have to worry about making holes or the typical picture that is not straight. It is an excellent decorative option, because you can switch boxes with books or other items such as vases, for example.

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Decorate With Pictures 3

Symmetrical composition with pictures

A very traditional way to decorate with pictures but that it continues to operate. It's put a series of pictures side by side, in a row. The symmetrical composition gives a simple and tidy appearance.

Decorate With Pictures 4
Composition of pictures and mirrors

It's a very interesting choice for smaller rooms. We don't have to do without fill our walls of pictures, even if they are small, there are elements such as mirrors, which can help us to make them a little bigger. The mirrors are able to visually extend the room, therefore, mix them in a wall with pictures, whether they be the same size or different, can you give us lots of play.

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Decorate With Pictures 6

Composition of large and small boxes

It is a very dynamic composition. It is more advisable to make it into walls with amplitude, in slightly larger stays, although if we have a small showroom, we can resort to it also, if pictures do not occupy wall in its entirety. A large picture that serves as a main element is normally placed and around pictures smaller and of different sizes are placed.

Decorate With Pictures 7

Decorate With Pictures 8
Hang your pictures of the roof

No doubt is an of the compositions more fun that is can do with pictures. To do so, we will have to use ropes or subject strong cords from the ceiling, or as high as possible. These will interlock with the back of the box and leave it levitating above the ground. We love the light sensation that provides this type of decoration with pictures, in addition, can be an excellent idea for use in hallways, for example.

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Decorate With Pictures 10

Composition of pictures for the headboard

Although we focused on decoration with pictures in classrooms or hallways, the truth is that in a bedroom can also give very good results. We can, for example, align multiple pictures of the same size on the bed. However, any other resource, such as asymmetric pictures, which are mixed with mirrors or even those who are placed on shelves, could be nominated to decorate the head of our bed.

 Decorate With Pictures 11

Decorate With Pictures 12

Do you the proposals seemed? Would you like to decorate your space with pictures? We hope that you serve as inspiration.

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