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Although white kitchens are still the Queens of the magazines of decoration, the truth is that the color is always welcome in this room. If you want to learn how to give life and include vibrant colors to your kitchen without dying in the attempt to give you some tips that can come very well. From the decoration of the walls, through own kitchen, even accessories furniture. Any idea is good to make the kitchen a place full of color.

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Paint walls to give color

If you want to continue with the color of your kitchen but it turns out her Queen white, a solution, within all economic and interesting, is painting one of the walls of a vibrant, perhaps orange color, perhaps pistachio, here personal tastes also have much to say. The great advantage is that furniture white admits any color, so we have no problem with any. Now, if the kitchen is small, try the chosen wall is not very great and also receives plenty of natural light.

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Wallpapers for kitchen

Wallpapers also reach the kitchen. People tend to be afraid to include this type of solutions in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, either by moisture from certain areas or grease that can accumulate. The truth is that there are special papers for the kitchen (also for bathroom). They are much more resistant papers, normally of vinyl, which also support and easy cleaning. The decorative power of them, so you need only look at the pictures to see that you it's a great option to also give color, play with textures and shapes on the wall.

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Colorful Kitchens 5

Refrigerators of colors or with vinyl

Refrigerators can be the appliance ideal for adding color to your kitchen. There are beautiful models, such as typical cutting vintage Smeg refrigerators. In addition, there are also a host of vinyl that you can add to your fridge to modernize it and include touches of color in your kitchen.

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Chairs of colors

If in our kitchen we have a table to eat, something that indicates that its size is at least medium, is an excellent idea to opt for chairs of colors. We like the option in which all of these chairs will be of the same color, although we cannot deny that the trend to mix chairs of different models and color can be also very interesting. A colorful tablecloth and fresh flowers will do the rest.

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Colorful Kitchens 9

Kitchen cabinets with colorful

If you definitely tired of your kitchen furniture, do not hesitate, you choose the color. There are models fun, from blue to pink kitchens kitchens. Now, keep in mind that this type of solution is much better in large kitchens, because the colors will stay out. In addition, it is not more concerned of kitchens with enough natural light, because this makes the rooms look much broader to the human eye.

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