Chic Country Style Kitchens

The chic country style is in fashion. Why not integrate it in the kitchen? It is a warm and charming style. A mixture of Provencal and shabby chic that will make your kitchen look elegant, cozy and full of light. This time we give you some tips and ideas to be able to include this type of decoration in your kitchen. This us use of various resources, from color palettes, to different decorative details.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 1
White furniture to give light

The color of the furniture is important. In this case, the chic country seeks light, lots of light. The white color is, therefore, the favorite. However, we leave aside the bright colors. Broken in Matt White is much more effective when it comes to creating a kitchen country chic. In addition, furniture will have a more obvious vintage touch. Fronts with handles and doors with a little decoration, avoiding the smooth doors that give a more modern look. Other colors, can be used as the gray, but we will always have to counter with walls and plated white.

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Chic Country Style Kitchens 3
Wood worktops

Although stone can be placed without problems in a kitchen country chic, the fact is that wooden countertops are much better. It is the perfect complement to the white furniture. Far from what we can think, these countertops are resistant. They are fully prepared to be in contact with water. Now, we need a professional who well seal conflictive areas, including those that are in contact with the sink, for example.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 4
Tables tocineras to the Centre of your kitchen

The chic country kitchens have some country air. For this reason, it is good idea to adopt elements of this type of decoration. The tocineras tables are a good example. If we have sufficient space can be a good idea to place other auxiliary surface for food preparation at the same time that we decorate and give a different touch and personality; and is that other thing, but personality, these tables have, and much.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 5

Chic Country Style Kitchens 6

A comfortable bar for breakfast

Although American bars are resolved from more modern kitchens, the truth is that it will not be wrong in our kitchen country chic. However, it is interesting to choose stools with retro air, to give a particular touch.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 7

Chic Country Style Kitchens 8
Plants and flowers

Country Chic as the Shabby chic used many floral prints. In the kitchen it is a little difficult include textile (although not impossible). However, a good way to introduce this floral theme is through plants and floral arrangements. Vases with beautiful and colorful flowers will be great on our countertop, although we can also include green plants that give a more country look.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 9
Elements of another era to decorate

An excellent choice of decorative in this type of kitchens is the place elements of other times. From pots of copper kitchen to planks of wood with a rustic flavor. Well, the idea is that they are in sight. You can decide, for example, shelves or shelves to place them, no doubt will give a taste of the most special thing these beautiful kitchens.

Chic Country Style Kitchens 10

Chic Country Style Kitchens 11
What did you think of this decorative style for the kitchen? Would you dare to wear it to yours? In such a case, we hope that these ideas you serve as inspiration.

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