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Each decorative style is a world. It is true that many elements can be combined or that they have more acceptance in ones and others. There are, however, other objects such as chairs, that would be nice if they adapt themselves to the decoration, whether it is rustic, industrial or even vintage. In today's article we give you some ideas about the chairs that you can use in your home depending on the style you choose for it. There are chairs that adapt to each style.

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Chairs for rustic environments

If there is a material star within rustic environments this is, without a doubt, the wood. Therefore, the chairs that are better suited in these environments are wood. Now if we talk about a rustic atmosphere, wood presents almost without trying, natural and naked. Classic chairs, as typical field, stools and benches, chairs, benches, are ideal for placing on a table, either indoors or outdoors. While it is true that prefer wood natural, if we like more neo-rustic styles, it is okay to paint them with colors. Speaking of banks, we have shared some time ago an article with interesting ideas for informal dining with banks.

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Metal for industrial environments

Although the wood is also a material used in industrial environments, the truth is that if we are looking for chairs with a 100% industrial design, we must look at those made with metal. Models there are many, perhaps those who have true vintage touch may be better, as for example the Chair tolix, an industrial chair vintage which is very popular. Another option is to bet on a little more high tables and stools acquire. Although these stools have wood, it will always be good to opt for those that complement the design with metal parts, if it looks worn or rusty, it will be much better.

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Modern environments

Those environments modern are them more versatile, it true is that can include any type of piece in them, to even classical; and it is that a different touch is always good. However, we'd like to highlight the transparent chairs, which became fashionable a few years ago and that are still hitting strong enough. We can combine it with different colors and even alternate them with other models of chairs, others that are not transparent, for example.

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Tropical-style chairs

Tropical environments are the last. We see them in magazines of decoration and we like a lot, usually abundant showy green and printed colors, but what kind of chairs could combine well with tropical interiors? The truth is that there are models that adapt almost instantly, as the famous Acapulco Chair. However, in this type of styles, always we can upholster an old chair with a striking green fabric and the result would be also great.

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Romantic shabby chairs

Finally, we look at the chairs that could fit well into shabby chic environments. The wood again, but this time, unlike that in rural environments, wood want it treated, painted, and sometimes pickled; and is that is finish worn remains of scandal in shabby environments. We must also have in mind that this style feels a special taste for prints and flowers. If we combined these aspects we could get pretty chairs patterned floral, perfect for the most delicate and romantic dining rooms.

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