Banks Under Windows in Kitchens

Banks under the windows are elements that can look really good in any area of the House. However, in the kitchen functionality increases; and it is that, thanks to them, can be set beautiful dining rooms attached. On this occasion, we will give you some ideas to put them into practice. We should take into account aspects like colors and possible locations to choose which best suits our space and enjoy this magical corner for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the family.

Banks Under Windows in Kitchens 1
Take advantage of natural light

One of the most obvious advantages of these seats under the window is that we will take advantage of much better light. While in other units, such as for example a Hall, this extra light can come well to create a reading corner, in this case it will be interesting to get a perfectly lit kitchen dining area. Breakfast and meals will not be ever more equal. However, remember that in the evenings, this natural source of light will not, so therefore would be good idea to also bet on a nice lamp low to give privacy.

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A round table for space

There is a standard written form and dimension. Your kitchen and your window will ask you one or the other. However, if you do not have too much space, it is interesting to opt for the round tables. A bank can adapt without problems to the tables with this form, and thus will you manage to save space. However you must take into account that, although space-saving round tables, also deleted space per person. Keep in mind how many seats you need before buying a table for this corner.

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Banks Under Windows in Kitchens 5

Corner windows that are perfect for the occasion
If you are fortunate to have with typical windows corner, those who occupy several walls, do not miss them. In this case, the banks under them may be as well. An extra sitting space creating a broad Bank for the whole family. It is evident that these banks are more complicated. While in the market you'll find ready-made straight banks, which have to mold to the corners to perform custom. You can, perhaps, build a work bench and line it wood, either go to someone that makes custom furniture.

Banks Under Windows in Kitchens 6

It combines your bank with chairs

Although the role of the Bank is sit in front of the table, the truth is that, if you do not have very large windows, or many people living at home, you can combine them with chairs, that Yes, look well if put chairs you lose space to move, this doesn't suit us. In addition, you should try to be the style of both at odds. The more rustic wooden benches, may very well be with wooden tables, although they are of different colors.

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Banks Under Windows in Kitchens 8
Question of textiles

The perfect touch to this special corner is the textile. Having the natural light in your favor, you can play, without worrying, with textures, patterns and colors. It is only matter of dare! Pads, for example, will achieve that this Bank will be much more comfortable. Of those spaces in which one want to sit and enjoy a good coffee in the morning or a tea mid-afternoon. Do you the proposals seemed?

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