A Loft Style Studio

Attic areas are equipped with a special charm. Those sloped roofs make that environment more welcoming than in other areas of the House, see but how to use them? The truth is that on many occasions we find problems when it comes to placing furniture in them. Today we show you how to turn your attic into a nice Studio. Pay attention to aspects such as the gap and take advantage of the smallest nooks and crannies with a bit of ingenuity. Get a different office for those who have to work at home.

A Loft Style Studio 1

It is located in your desktop

Locate a piece of furniture as the desktop in an attic room can be difficult. By parties. Your attic you may have the roof tilted only a part. This is the most suitable area to place it. Why? Thinks that in a desktop are sitting, therefore, not you worries both that the ceiling is a little more under that in the rest of the room. In this way, if you put this furniture fair here, you will have more free space and the room will seem much larger.

A Loft Style Studio 2

A Loft Style Studio 3
A gable roof

In this case the thing changes, or at least you can do to change. When you have an attic with double inclination, though you could also locate the desktop on one side of the room, it's a good idea to seize the Center. In this case is more for balance and aesthetic concerns. You desaprovecharás the side spaces, although you can always fill them with custom-made by way of shelving. Not need desktop? Is your Studio a place where you paint? Better than best, placing your tools in the middle of the room and take advantage of all the light that can give you.

A Loft Style Studio 4

A Loft Style Studio 5
The importance of light

Although not is a requirement must, place the desktop under a skylight or window of ceiling can be good idea. Normally advised that work zones do not have a direct view of a window, so not to distract you. In the case of dormers things change, as slanted windows do not show the landscape, rather the sky. Place the work under these, area will be having enough daylight to work.

A Loft Style Studio 6

A Loft Style Studio 7
A library to measure

As we mentioned, the best way to take advantage of the nooks and crannies in these rooms is furniture work. Thus, to build a beautiful library will be simple. You can build a piece of furniture of plasterboard or plaster, but you can also bet on the shelves, that are really well and are cheaper.

A Loft Style Studio 8
A warm touch on the mansard roof

Although finishes there are many for this type of roofs, we love the wood. There are times that you opt for the typical wooden slats, perhaps a little rustic. How about the idea of divisions the entire roof with a light shade of some good wood?

A Loft Style Studio 9

A Loft Style Studio 10

The warmth that will bring will be undisputed; and is that it should not be forgotten that dormers tend to be places fairly well lit, so this wood can further boost the feeling of warmth.

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